Study shows iPod owners significantly less likely to steal music than the average person

Contrary to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s October 2004 statement that “the most common format of music on an iPod is ‘stolen,'” the truth is that iPod owners are “substantially less likely to download using filesharing software with only 7% of iPod people downloading illegally compared to 25% on average. And they’re more likely to be buying CDs with your everyday iPodder buying 2.3 albums a month compared to the average of 1.8,” XTN Data reports.

XTN Data surveyed over 1,000 UK and US music buyers to arrive at the data. XTN Data also found that 50% of iPod owners regularly download music from Apple iTunes Music Store.

Full article here.

XTN Data’s report (PDF) is here.

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  1. That’s just beautiful. Go ahead Balmy, call all those millions of consumers that you are trying to court with your crappy URGE service by calling them thieves. Oh wait, that’s right, you won’t be able to court the vast majority of the mp3 player market with your incompatible music service. And talk about the kettle calling the tea black. You’ve been stealing from people by selling them a third rate product and then charging them extra to fix it. Fool.

  2. I buy from iTunes and I buy CDs. Heck, now I pick up an occasional TV show or two. Chances are, if you can afford an iPod, you can afford 99 cents and won’t bother wasting your time downloading corrupted music from filesharing networks.

  3. Apparently, it is so easy to download and buy music from the iTunes Music Store that it is not worth the hassle, even if free, to download from other sources.

    As for the other legal music services, it is probably equally difficult to download and transfer music onto an MP3 player from them as it is to get it for free, so why pay for it?

    $.99 is a small price to pay for guaranteed quality and easy, reliable, transfers.

  4. I agree, in a lot of cases, it’s just not worth it to steal the music by the time you find it, download it, find that it’s full of pops and hisses, low quality, or not even the right song.

    The funny thing is though that a lot of people don’t subscribe to this and not only that a lot of people either don’t know it’s illegal to download the music and if they do, many don’t care.

    Once a woman asked me if she knew how to get the songs from Limewire into iTunes. I replied that using Limewire to download copyrighted material is illegal. She replied that she had paid the 10$ for it. Upon further review, she had paid for the Limewire app itself and thought that gave her an unlimited license to download whatever she wanted. When I informed her of her mistake, she was shocked and somewhat embarrassed.

    Educating the majority of people would go a long way to solving this issue. There will always be those who steal anyway.

    mw: truth

  5. Mr Baldmer,
    You would be very handsome if you werent fat, sweaty, a liar, a employee of whatever… cannot even mention the drivelly company name, oh yeah bald turns me on, but you shame bald men out there, you are a folliculated sweaty spitter, and so brazen in your stupidity, You have been stupid for so long, to you it equals cleverness and everything which is the opposite of Stupid. (cringes at the thought of any sex act involving individuals as baldmer, I would probably vomit continuously, and it wouldnt be that I picked up a bug… #@*&?¿

  6. I’ve purchased 1000’s of CDs to rip to my 3G iPod.

    I’ve LEGALLY downloaded tracks from iTunes.

    Now I’m buying lots of DVD’s to go rip to go on a video iPod.

    Never stolen any of it. Ballmer’s a tool.

    MaWo: ‘among’. As in, “Ballmer wishes we were among his customers.”

  7. Let me understand this. Over 80% people has iPod. On average 25% of music are stolen. Only 7% of iPod owner steal music. So, how many % of people who own non-iPod steal music? The number must be close to 100%!

  8. that’s just stupid, I’m sure there are alot fo people who have iTunes and not one legal download on their comps. that’s like saying all bmw drivers are less likely to to run a red light because bmws have better brakes!! It’s the human being dodo, not the software that determines whether you want to steal music, just like it’s the human being that decides whether to run a red light even if his car has better brakes.

    MW-“high” As in the person that wrote this article is high on some good ish!!

  9. Isn’t it still illegal to Rip DVDs and put them onto an ipod? I thought there were copyright protection laws against file format transfers from the original encoding off of a DVD material. Im not tyring to make waves, just getting some education. Thanks!

  10. …and the answer to this was right under everyone’s noses. But they are so caught up in their own bullshit they couldn’t see it. Congrats to Apple for pouncing on the obvious.

    It’s the delivery system that turned people into thieves. Make the delivery system authentic (and thus easier), and people will do what is right.


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