Apple’s Steve Jobs eschews Consumer Electronics Show, but his influence is everywhere

“Unlike everyone else in the tech business, Steve Jobs doesn’t appear at the Consumer Electronics Show. Rather than share the spotlight with the rest of the industry, he grabs center stage at his own MacWorld show next week,” Peter Kafka writes for Forbes. “But Apple Computer doesn’t need to come anywhere near CES to make an impact–Jobs’ company is on the minds of lots of tech executives these days, whether or not they mention it out loud. Bill Gates’ presentation gets graded, consciously or not, by the standard set by Jobs’ famously theatrical presentations–and his performance Wednesday night was ‘his attempt to out-Job Jobs, and it didn’t work,’ sniffed one tech executive cum drama critic. Likewise, Yahoo, Google, and Sony.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 11:25pm ET: Fixed headline typo.]

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  1. There is no ‘outdoing’ Local Leader Steve J.

    All Yahoo’s are proceeding downward in a death spiral, Googling their way into teeny, tiny, little Sony bits.

    No one will escape his wrath . . . especially Disney. Relnack will not be denied.

    Make your time.

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  3. Mafiasoft should have sent “Monkey Boy” to pump up the crowd before Billy went on.


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