“Microsoft Corp., which has found a foothold in the consumer’s living room with its Xbox video game consoles, will be making a broader push in 2006 to help realize the elusive dream of a digital lifestyle for the masses, Chairman Bill Gates told a packed house in Las Vegas on Wednesday night,” Matthew Yi reports for The San Francisco Chronicle. “A key ingredient will be the release of the software giant’s next-generation operating system for personal computers, called Vista, which the company promises will start selling later this year, said Gates in his kick-off keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show.”

“2006 will be a crucial year for Microsoft, which has had enormous success in selling office productivity software but has made little progress in consumer electronics,” Yi reports. “‘There’s a lot riding on Vista,’ said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at the market research firm Jupiter Research. ‘Vista must be successful if they want to be an important player in the digital home.’ Microsoft… is facing stiff competition on a number of fronts, analysts say. The list of its opponents ranges from consumer electronics giants such as Sony, which already rules the consumer living-room market, to its longtime nemesis Apple.”

“The new Vista operating system will provide a sleeker, 3-D user interface, such as translucent windows that let users see what other programs are running in the PC. The software will also have an improved digital photo archiving system that allows consumers to store, search and edit photos,” Yi reports. ‘A lot of what we’ve seen in Vista has similarities with [Mac OS X] Tiger,’ said Gartenberg, referring to the operating system on Apple Macintosh computers. Vista may still impress many consumers, because many of them may have never seen Apple’s operating system. Apple’s PC market share represents only about 3 to 4 percent of the industry, said Tim Bajarin, an analyst at the market research firm Creative Strategies.”

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Apple needs to tell people via television (where you can still reach those who have no idea of Mac OS X) that Apple’s already done it long ago and has it available today. We hope they start soon. It would be criminal to continue to keep the story of the Mac from the average consumer. We firmly believe that short 5-10 minute video explaining what Mac OS X can do the the average personal computer users should be shipped on every video-capable iPod sold. Why this isn’t currently the case is baffling. Apple is squandering a huge opportunity to inform Windows iPod owners about Mac OS X. Apple doesn’t even need to Think Different to do such a thing, they just need to think.

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