Technology behind Apple’s Rosetta wins Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Award

“The genome-sequencing technique from 454 Life Sciences was selected as the Gold winner in The Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Innovation Awards competition. Innovative technologies from around the world were eligible for awards in categories including biotechnology, software, security, energy and the environment, among others,” Michael Totty reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Judges selected Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, as well as giving out an Honorable Mention award. They also named winners in each of 12 categories and a total of 20 runners-up.”

The winner in the Software category was, “Agitar Software Inc., based in Mountain View, Calif., won here for its Agitator tool, which helps software developers find and fix bugs when writing new programs. Software writers typically have to scour for buggy code by poring over thousands of lines of code — often after flaws show up while users are running the program. Agitator automatically puts software through a battery of stress tests; it also can examine partial programs by simulating the whole software system,” Totty reports. “Though Agitator works only with programs written in the Java programming language, the judges said it is an important advance in making error-free code writing more productive.”

“The Rosetta technology in Apple’s upcoming Intel-based Macintosh computers is based on cutting edge software innovation by another firm. That firm is Transitive. And it’s [sic] QuickTransit software — which lets all software applications run on all computer platforms — was a runner up in this year’s Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Innovator’s Awards,” Architosh reports. “Also a runner up in the same Software category was Macintosh CAD developer, Graphisoft for its 5D Virtual Construction product.”

Full article here.

Full list of “The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Innovation Awards 2005” winners here.

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  1. “Technology behind Apple’s Rosetta wins Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Award”

    “And it’s QuickTransit software…was a runner up in this year’s Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Innovator’s Awards”


  2. “Technology behind Apple’s Rosetta wins Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Award”


    Okay… and Buzz Aldrin was the first man to walk on the moon – in reality Mr. Aldrin was AMONG the first to walk on the moon, but not THE first.

    Technology behind Apple’s Rosetta AMONG THE WINNERS OF THE Wall Street Journal’s 2005 Technology Award.

  3. Hmmm… the MDN referral to that URL doesn’t work. The &story=Monkey_Lives.txt part gets hacked off. Anyways… go to and search for “monkey”, there’s only one story about it.

  4. yeah… gwm…. um

    Nick is right.

    You’re wrong (“You’re” not “your” — another example of when the apostrophe is not used to denote possessiveness. “It’s” is the contraction of “it is.” To show possessive form of “it” you spell “its”)

    Use your OS X.4 built in dictionary.

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