Apple Computer applies for ‘Rosetta’ trademark

“Apple Computer has applied for a trademark for Rosetta, the translation technology that will act as a bridge as Apple moves to Intel chips beginning next year,” Ina Fried reports for CNET “The Mac maker applied last week for trademark protection for the Rosetta moniker. Apple is encouraging developers to create Intel-compatible versions of their products, but it has also announced plans to offer Rosetta, a built-in emulation software that will allow much of the software written for PowerPC-based Macs to run on the new Intel machines. Apple has not pinned an exact date when the first Intel machines will arrive, saying only that they should be on the market by June. Some analysts have said that the first machines could come as early as January’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco.”

“Company executives have described Rosetta as ‘Apple technology,’ but it uses an engine from a start-up company called Transitive, which offers a variety of engines for translating software written for one operating system or processor to code that can run on a different configuration,” Fried reports. “Apple CEO Steve Jobs did confirm to the New York Times that Transitive is playing a role, but company executives have not elaborated. In a June interview with CNET, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller declined to say how much of Rosetta was developed in-house. ‘I’m not going to talk about details, but it’s Apple technology,’ Schiller said.”

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  1. Intel-based iMacs first quarter 2006 would be an answer to my dreams, but I expect 2nd quarter at earliest. I’ll be the first in the freaking line; that’s for sure!!! Rosetta will ensure everything will work day 1.

  2. Rosetta was a program for Mac OS X that would allow you to split or join together large AV files so they could be posted on or downloaded from the Newsgroups. It “mysteriously” disappeared from the shareware sites just before Apple announced the switch to Intel processors.

    Here’s to the former Rosetta – a program I continue to use despite its sudden and unceremonious demise.

  3. Macsimum News actually reports that Apple filed for the trademark in Hong Kong back in June, before the Intel switch announcement. Hong Kong seems to keep filings secret.

    So the delay in filing could have something to do with secrecy and their deal with Transitive.

  4. adobe as reported in the article are not releasing a version of cs2 for macintosh with intel chips. that guy chizen is one big pain in the ass. we’ll have to wait until they release the next iteration of photoshop before we can native. By the way has anyone heard of any results on the speed of rosetta?, specifically with regard to photoshop?
    as soon as apple or anybody release a product on par with photoshop, which will not be the defacto forever, and i think apple is definately working on a competitor, (just look at some of the inovations in aperture for example), ill switch over.
    chizen thinks hes big cheese.
    Personally i cant believe macromedia allowed themselves to be bought by adobe. in terms of the future i think dreamweaver and flash are much more valuable assets than photoshop.

  5. Carlo

    Adobe may know that Apple won’t be shipping Intel PowerMacs for a while. That gives them plenty of time to get the next Creative Suite version ready as a Uni Binary, and keep CS2 as PowerPC only.

    I know not every Photoshop pro uses a PowerMac, but anyone who will need all that native speed will be. Rosetta will likely be fast enough for the hobbyist or on-the-go user.

  6. Just with the latest release of th dual core g5…apple has rendered all Final cut pro software obsolete prior to the most recent release…pretty underhanded I think…considering it happened without warning on the final cut pro 4.5 order page….I can only imagine the disasters that will follow this “rosetta” bridge…

    Andrew Hamilton
    Las Vegas Videographers
    Hamilton International Productions

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