Analyst estimates over a million Windows to Mac switchers during 2005’s first three quarters

“The momentum generated by Apple’s iPod digital music players and related products continues to translate into new Macintosh sales according to one Wall Street analyst who estimates that over one million Windows users have purchased a Mac in the first three quarters of 2005,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

Jade reports, “In a research note released to clients on Monday, Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf said the number of Windows users purchasing a Mac appears to be far higher than the firm had previously anticipated. ‘If we assume that all of the growth in Mac shipments during the past three quarters resulted from Windows users purchasing a Mac, then purchases by Windows users exceeded one million,’ the analyst said. ‘Indeed, the number of Windows users purchasing Macs in 2005 could easily exceed our forecast of 1.3 million switchers in 2006.'”

“Needham had previously estimated that 500,000 Windows users would purchase a Mac in 2005, but says its model underestimated the number of Windows users the Mac could capture because it was limited to Windows users who had purchased an iPod,” Jade reports. “According to checks with Apple Store Specialists, Wolf also said a larger than expected percentage of Windows to Mac converts appear to be purchasing Apple’s higher-end systems and that their transition is fueled by the epidemic of viruses and malware on the Windows platform.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Great news and also somewhat sad that people are switching for security when the Mac offers so much more than just security. The Mac experience, compared to Windows, is about attention to detail and innovation. Apple’s not about making a supposedly “cheaper” Mac simulation that’s supposed to be “good enough.” The Mac is about making computers work for people, not making people work for computers. There is so much to discover with the Mac, that you have to use it for a time to “get it.” So, while Windows’ security mess is one reason to switch (and the biggest reason that seems to prompt Windows sufferers to make the change), it’s hardly the only reason to do so. Even if Windows had zero viruses like Mac OS X, the Mac offers many advantages to Windows. If you’re a Windows-only user and you’re unsure, why not just add a Mac mini ($499 new, $379 Apple Certified Refurbished) to your computing arsenal? Keep your Windows machine around and see what you can discover about the Mac for yourself.

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  1. Good take MDN. Whatever the reason they switch they will soon learn all the other benefits. And as former windows sufferers they’ll have more credibility with current windows sufferers when it comes to switching – presumably they haven’t drank the cool-aid yet. The momentum is building!

  2. Why is it when the analysts say something not so good about Apple all analysts are idiots….but when they say something positve about Apple they are geniuses…


    Where does this guy get his info???? I bet he asked a handful of APPLE people and extrapolated from there. I asked my kids – they no of no one that has switched. No one at work that I know of has switched; although lots have iPods.

  3. I know 4 people myself that have “switched” during the course of this year and 2 of those were not iPod related (halo effect) either. I personally only switched from Windows two years ago myself. The momentum is gradually shifting for certain. It’s good to see it beginning to show up in volume now.

  4. bet he asked a handful of APPLE people and extrapolated from there. I asked my kids – they no of no one that has switched. No one at work that I know of has switched; although lots have iPods.

    By that same logic, where do you get YOUR info.. you think MOST people have a ‘lovely’ time with Windows?

    After all, they would have switched if they were having problems, right?

    Wait a minute..

    Let me ask you, what exactly is the mental process when you’re reinstalling Windows..

    “Maybe there’s something better out there.. something virus-proof.. what’s it called .. Linux?…nahh.. I don’t have time to get a Comp Sci degree… ah well.. 34%… 35%…36%…”

  5. I am one of those 1 million. I purchased a mini on T-Day (Tiger release day) after standing in long line with a hoarde of Apple enthusiasts waiting to get into the Apple Store. I’m an iPod haloist, if you prefer.

    The ONLY reason I still use the PC is for games. That’s it.

    So far, I’ve converted my parents, my sister, and my parents-in-law will be buying one soon.

    Whenever I can save up enough pennies, I will be back at the Apple Store to purchase a shiny new iMac.

    Frankly, all I need is the Mac to be able to play PC games at a decent framerate using WINE, Rosetta, dual-boot (yuck), virtualization or some other means. Then the PC can be eliminated completely.

  6. I’ve known someone for a few years now and sometimes, me and him and a few other guys would hook up for lunch during lunch hour. Quite often, the topic that we dicussed would be computers (were all electrical engineers) including the mac. One of the guys swore up and down that he would NEVER get a mac. In fact, he usually would change the subject so that we would not talk about it. Well, I got an email from him a short while ago and he now owns a G5. I was shocked and still am.

    If someone as stubborn and totally against the mac as this guy was can switch, that says a lot.

    – Mark

  7. I switched 2 years ago almost to the day and have since then bought a mac mini almost as a spare machine and for occasional family use. So not only have apple taken one customer from microsoft but they’ve also earned an additional sale on top.

  8. I agree… great news.

    However, ‘If we assume that all of the growth in Mac shipments during the past three quarters resulted from Windows users purchasing a Mac…”

    That’s an awfully general assumption!

    It also assumes that there was no growth in the Mac market at all, without Windozers switching. It assumes that there were no 1st time computer buyers. It assumes that the introduction of the Mac Mini ( and continual sales of the iMac G5) did not stimulate Mac users to buy more Macs.

  9. It was at one point people would say they would switch because of how cool the designs were. I always would agree with those people but also tell them that once they got into it, they would see the REAL reason Mac users are so loyal.

    It’s the OS. People will start to realize that.

  10. ” I bet he asked a handful of APPLE people and extrapolated from there. I asked my kids – they no of no one that has switched. No one at work that I know of has switched; although lots have iPods.”

    It’s probably because your anecdotal evidence is WAAAAAAY more conclusive than the analyst’s? That is pure genius! By the way, I know three people who believe in ghosts, three other people who believe in extraterrestials and THREE MORE people who swear Elvis is alive. Draw your own conclusions, if you dare.

    – Dr. Sarcasm

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