Windows sufferers: It’s not your fault, but it is your problem – switch to Mac

“Hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear from a friend or colleague with a monumental Windows problem,” Paul Andrews writes for The Seattle Times. “I tell them I’m glad to help, on one condition: Next time they buy a computer, they agree to consider a Macintosh. A year ago, after a particularly trying week of spyware, adware, viral attacks, lock-ups and reboots, I changed my primary computer to a Mac. I’ve dabbled with Macs since the late 1980s but never felt a need to change from Windows.”

“For the first couple of months after the switch, while I transferred e-mail and contacts to Mac programs, I was firing up Windows almost daily. Gradually, though, I found fewer reasons to go back. It was a snap to export text and data files to the Mac, then convert them to Mac applications. And programs such as iTunes, iMovie, Safari and iPhoto, which came with the Powerbook, were easy to learn and use,” Andrews writes. “The exception was e-mail and contacts. There are ways to get the data from Windows to a Mac, but they’re cumbersome and not always successful. Gradually, though, the important correspondents and contacts got into the Mac mail and address-book programs simply through daily use.”

Andrews writes, “When I made the switch, I thought I was a relative rarity. After all, we’re constantly reminded of the Windows desktop monopoly and how little market share Apple has. But what I found surprised me. A lot of techies I know, including some former Microsofties, have switched. Among holdouts, I kept hearing their next computer would be a Mac… [“Just Say No To Microsoft” author Tony Bove] likes to tell Windows sufferers, ‘It’s not your fault. But it is your problem.'”

Full article here.

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Betcha Gates’ and Uncle Fester’s heads nearly popped off this morning when they cracked open their copies of The Seattle Times to this one. No chair is safe in Redmond today. If you wish to avoid f-bombs, Redmonites, just pop in your iPod earbuds.

The last person we personally helped to switch from Windows to Mac told us, to paraphrase, “It was literally obscene what I was doing to myself with Windows. Like strapping on 20-pound ankle weights to run a marathon when there is no such race requirement. This Mac is like pure magic in comparison. Half the time, I kick myself for being so stupid as to subject myself to Windows for 10 years. The other half the time, I congratulate myself for being so smart for switching to Apple Mac. Thank you for convincing me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” This type of reaction is routine for Windows to Mac switchers that we meet.

Microsoft, for some reason, doesn’t want to make it easy for you to get your information out of Outlook, so you can switch to Mac. (See related article: BBC News analyst: Microsoft Outlook needlessly complicates migration to Apple Mac – June 08, 2005) Little Machines’ US$10 “Outlook2Mac” has worked for us in the past for moving Windows Outlook email, contacts, and calendar appointments from Windows PCs to Macs. More info here.

By the way, regarding Bove’s use of the term “Windows sufferers,” way to go! We believe our own SteveJack coined this term using it, along with “Wintel sufferers,” at least as early as 1998 via online BBS discussions to quickly contrast with “Mac users.” If you know of any earlier usage, please let us know.

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The New iPod with Video.  The ultimate music + video experience on the go.  From $299.  Free shipping.

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  1. I keep reading these testimonials to the ease of use and beauty of the Mac on these threads. Does anyone know if they also appear on Windows sites? All this preaching to the choir is like a mutual admiration society backslapping lunch date. But does it bring any converts to the light side?

  2. ron, I’m not sure about Windows site, but they are appearing in Newspapers, where there are a lot of people who use Windows machines, particularly people who don’t necessarily care about the technical details – they just want it to work. If these people will start to read and hear good things about the Mac, then they might start considering it on their own in the future….

  3. “Emporer Gates… the Apple Jedi are countering our every move. What is your bidding?”

    SFX: Varooosshhh (with a wave of the Emporers hand and a blinding flash of light Darth Balmers beautiful long golden curly hair is suddenly gone, replaced by a glistening greasy dome of highly reflective bare flesh)

    “Do not fail me Darth Balmer… or next time I’ll take it off from the neck up! Now GO and bring me SJ-1’s head on a platter”

    “But Emporer Gates, the Apple rebellion has anticipated and countered our every move. Since they ditched Internet Explorer we’ve lost our secret passage into Oh Ess Ten”.

    SFX: amidst a loud booming crackle Darth Balmer drops to his knees gasping and clutching his neck, while his long slime covered tongue twitches and flails wildly in the air.

    “FOOL! We still have hidden powers buried deep in the Office suite for Macintosh. Those innocent unsuspecting Apple users will squirm and scream for Windows when we unleash our most powerful secret weapon. Their puny market share is no match FOR THE DARK SIDE! Moo ha ha ha …. ha ha ha ha ha….”

    Darth Ballmer slithers out of the room on his belly. Whhooosh-froomp. The thick steel door slides shut behind him.

    Is this the end? Will the evil Emporer Gates and his apprentice, Darth Balmer squelch the voice of the rebellion? Will spyware, bots and virus control the galaxy?

  4. I don’t want you to change the characters, but you might find the resemblance below interesting. From the Star Wars Character Databank:

    A loathsome slug of a gangster, Jabba the Hutt was the preeminent kingpin of crime in the Outer Rim Territories. Basing his operations out of Tatooine, the Hutt had his pudgy fingers in a number of lucrative and unsavory rackets — slavery, gunrunning, spice-smuggling, extortion and more.

    Jabba’s physical appearance was as repulsive as his decadence. A hefty Hutt, Jabba resembled a worm-like slug, with a legless, tapered body coated in slime. A wide, drooling toothless grin split his flat face, and two yellow-red reptilian eyes stared covetously from his immense head. Jabba surrounded himself with the shiftless dregs of society, ensuring his protection with a screen of henchmen and hired guns. He lived in an opulent if sand-scarred palace out in the Tatooine deserts.

    Jabba’s depravity was legendary. He kept himself entertained by torturing and humiliating his subjects. He kept scantily-clad slave girls chained to his throne for his amusement.

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