Huh? PC World: Mac OS X ‘doesn’t make it particularly easy to change the size of desktop elements’

“October was a big month for Apple, as the company rolled out a slew of new hardware and software that included the video iPod, Aperture professional photo-editing software, and professional-level, ‘quad-core’ G5 Power Mac desktop computers,” Rebecca Freed writes for PC World. “On the lower end, the PowerBook G4 line of notebooks got upgraded as well, with higher-resolution screens and longer battery life on the 15-inch and 17-inch models–Apple says the batteries last up to 5.5 hours. More pixels on-screen is great for making icons and type look sharp, but this is a mixed blessing: It also makes everything appear smaller, and OS X doesn’t make it particularly easy to change the size of desktop elements.”

MacDailyNews Note: In Finder, hit Command-J, change icon and text sizes. That’s not “particularly easy?” Hate the keyboard? In Finder, choose View>Show View Options and adjust icon and text sizes. The iPod is not a “video iPod,’ it just an iPod that happens to be video-capable. An important distinction that shows Apple isn’t charging for video capability, it’s throwing it in as a free bonus.

Freed also takes a look at Apple’s new iMac G5 the the full article here.

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  1. I think maybe they just misspoke. Yes, it’s stoopid easy to change the size of your icons and file names in the Finder, but unless you install the developer tools with Quartz Debug, it’s difficult to change the size of, say, the menu bar or standard Aqua controls or the text in dialogs.

  2. I should add that it’s really easy to change those other UI elements in Windows. It just doesn’t work. You have so much control over sizes that you can completely destroy your UI. You can make text overrun its fields, buttons overlap, etc. So Windows gives you the illusion of control, which I think is a good motto for Windows:

    Windows Vista
    The Illusion of Control

  3. I think she is correct!

    Sure it is easy to change the size of icons, but there are more desktop elements than icons. In Windows, it is pretty easy to change the size of everything…scroll bars, menu text, window borders, title bars, everything. It is more difficult to do that on a Mac. I’ve never wanted to do these things on either systems. I know people who do because they have a hard time hitting the scrollbars and menus on high resolution monitors.

  4. Yes, but how easy is it to change the size of the text in the menu bar? The window titles? I don’t think it’s possible. I know a few people for whom this is an essential feature, and Windows still does this better than OS X.

    I’m as big a Mac fan as anybody, but there’s no need to respond to every tiny criticism of Apple with such indignation — especially when you’re wrong.

  5. What he MEANT was that it is not particularly easy for HIM to change the size of desktop elements. He’s absolutely right. It is VERY hard for the mentally challenged to
    1. Use a mouse
    2. Understand menus
    3. Slide a slider on screen
    4. Right click
    5. Use windows and think at the same time.

  6. Well she “thought” she was rightbut obviously gave no “thought” to her review prior to writing it “thought”lessly…

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MW – you guessed it – thought

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