Report: Steve Jobs would consider selling Pixar

“At least one Wall Street research firm has suggested that an acquisition of Pixar by Disney makes sense. But according to the two people with knowledge of the talks, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of those negotiations, Mr. Iger has not made an offer to buy Pixar. They added, though, that Mr. Jobs would consider a sale at the right price. Pixar’s market value is about $5.9 billion, a price that would make an acquisition – by Disney or another media company – expensive, given the price per share that most media stocks are trading at these days,” Laura M. Holson reports for The New York Times.

“On Friday, the Walt Disney Company will release ‘Chicken Little,’ its first animated film since revamping its animation studio. The company is hoping the movie will return Disney to the glory of its past in animation,” Holson reports. “Another company that also has a lot riding on “Chicken Little” is Pixar, the Emeryville, Calif., studio that has a joint venture with Disney to make and market animated films through 2006. Steven P. Jobs, Pixar’s chairman, and Robert A. Iger, Disney’s newly named chief executive, have been in talks since early summer to extend an agreement for Disney to continue distributing Pixar films. But according to two people with knowledge of the talks, serious negotiations have not begun, as both sides wait to see how ‘Chicken Little’ performs in movie theaters.”

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  1. Sensitive negotiations? No offer from Iger? Does this story suggest that SJ is suggesting the sale?

    I know at least one person who was sure that Chicken Little is a Pixar production. The two may already be too closely linked.

  2. I have two small children, I won’t be taking them to Chicken Little, Disney just can’t seem to come up with original ideas anymore. I took them to Wallace and Gromit that will win the Best Animated Picture Award next year, I may have to wait until “Cars” next June for a picture that looks good to me for my kids.

    Disney needs to agree NOT to make Toy Story 3 or any other sequel to the Pixar films (and destroying them obviously), then Jobs will probably start to listen again.

  3. If he does sell it to Disney, rest assured that they will lose their magic soon afterward. Disney proved it didn’t have the right stuff to make animated features anymore, and selling Pixar to Disney would just kill the creative culture of a great company.

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