Free AppleScript converts Quicktime Player’s frontmost movie into iPod-readable video

Ari Bader-Natal has created a free AppleScript which converts the frontmost movie in Quicktime Player into an iPod-readable video.

• iTunes 6
• QuickTime Player 7.0.3+ (for OS X 10.4+)
• QuickTime Player 6.5.3+ (for OS X 10.2.8+)
Note that Quicktime Pro is not required.

Installation: Double-click to untar the file, then move the resulting script (Export front movie to iTunes.scpt) into ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Quicktime Player/ (create these folders as needed.) (If you do not see a scripts menu in the top-right section of your menu-bar, you can install it by running the built-in “AppleScript Utility” program in the “AppleScript” folder of the “Applications” folder. Just check the “Show Script Menu in menu bar” button.)

To use: With your movie frontmost in QuickTime Player, open the Scripts Menu and select Applications>QuickTime Player>”Export front movie to iTunes.” The script will export the frontmost movies in QuickTime Player to an iPod-friendly video format, import it into your iTunes Library (and Videos playlist), and play it for you. Next time you sync your video-capable iPod, your movies will be viewable on the iPod.

More info and download line here.

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  1. SnapZ Pro X from Ambrosia will screen record Real, DVD’s and other formats into a Quicktime format.

    MPEG 4 is what you want to save it as for viPods.

    It’s sometimes even possible to set Snap’s movie recording to the viPods screen size and set the other format to match as close as possible with minimal cropping.

    Perhaps this script will only reduce the odd dimension down to fit either the vertical or horizontal aspects of the viPod, leaving nasty black areas, have to give it a try first.

  2. Now your talkin’!

    Apple should just let everyone do this easily, instead of making them buy Pro or jump through hoops.

    Same goes for full-screen playback, and saving movies from browsers. They’re not pro features, they are basic.

    The only people who should have to pay for Pro are…. pros.

  3. Apple did let everyone do this easily. They provided AppleScript for just such a purpose.

    QT Pro is not a “Pro” app. It’s just a “deluxe” version that everyone should probably own if they want to quickly edit and record media.

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