Thurrott: ‘I’m super impressed with Apple’s iPod video, looks great blasted out to large TV set’

“I’ve been playing with a new iPod with video, the Apple Universal Dock, and the new Apple Remote for the past week, and I have two observations,” Paul Thurrott writes for WinInfo.

“First, despite years of experience with portable video, I’m super impressed with both the iPod video and the video formats (MPEG-4 and H.264) that it utilizes; even at 320 x 240 (or 480 x 270, as I’ve encoded my widescreen videos in), these movies look great blasted out to a large TV set, albeit with sub-DVD-style artifacts here and there,” Thurrott explains.

“Second, I’m suddenly hooked on the TV show “Lost.” I purchased the show’s premiere episode via iTunes to test the iPod, and now my wife and I are several episodes in and there’s no turning back. My TV watching habits tend toward horror movies, history and travel shows, and comedies like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy,’ and I find most network TV to be reprehensible and unintelligent. But ‘Lost’ is just good stuff. I guess TV is like anything else: There’s good buried in there with the bad. The trick is to find it,” Thurrott writes.

Thurrott also discusses how he recently switched Internet providers and now can’t get his network-attached Dell laser printer to work properly, “the weirdest thing happened on my main desktop PC: After a few days of printing fine over the new network, it now refuses to print to the Dell, and crashes any application that tries to print (Word, Outlook, StarOffice, whatever). Then, Word just started crashing all the time, and let’s face it: I use Word all day, every day, and it never, ever crashes. So I switched the default printer to the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, and .. voila. No more crashes. That is just unbelievable. Days later, I still haven’t solved this issue. What a mess.”

Sounds like all is still “working normally” in Windows-land here.

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  1. he has a mac.

    Actually, so do I… but honestly, the mac crashes as often as the PC, and there are for more strange errors. The difference is, for example, iPhoto will just hang or just quit and not save what I’m working on something.

    Or the beachball hell is the most annoying thing. Especially when you’re working on an iMac G5.

    the interface is also less responsive.

    the Mac is not without his faults.

  2. Interesting that MDN didn’t comment on Thurrott’s other article – a review of FrontRow. Some quotes:

    “[Windows] Media Center is so far ahead of Front Row from a functional perspective that the two products are hard to compare.”

    “Hopefully, Apple will do merge this system into something more elegant in the future.”

    “In other words, Front Row is pure Apple: Lot’s of style and flash, but not as functional as the competition.”

    “There’s a reason Front Row has just six buttons. It doesn’t do much.”


  3. I don’t know how many times i have to repeat that the iPod support videos at 720×320 in mpeg-4 up to 2,5mbps bitrate..
    As long as it does not surpasses 230.400 pixeles (480×480) you can play any video you want in mpeg-4, and at 2,5mbps you have enough bandwidth to output dvd quality..
    So Paul Thurrott does not need to encode their videos in 480×270..

    Please MDN, can you post this in big letters in your home page?
    Or better, Couldn’t simply Apple change the specs page of the iPod Video and put that info? 480×480 is a 1:1 stupid ratio that no one uses..
    640×320 o 720×320 is the good one..

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