Apple’s Front Row hits torrent sites, video showing application running on Mac mini

“The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) reader, Zeno, wrote in tonight from Switzerland, having just managed to get Front Row running on his Mac mini with a few ‘tweaks’ (it is currently only included with and supported on new iMacs),” C.K. Sample, III reports for TUAW.

He recorded a video as proof of his success, and included the following notes: “Details: – Front Row transition effects run smooooth on the Mac mini (keep in mind there’s no G5 in the mini and it only has 32MB of vram). First time you launch it, you’ll be blown away, that’s for sure. – Front Row can be controlled from the keyboard (4 arrow keys, space bar and escape) – As you can see in the video, I managed to remote-control Front Row from my SonyEricsson K700 via Bluetooth: using one of the built-in Bluetooth HID profile (no Salling Clicker needed, even if, of course, you could do that with Salling Clicker too) – Because of those ‘tweaks’ (ok, call them ‘hacks’) Front Row on the Mac mini is not working 100% properly (Videos and Photos were ok, but had some problems with DVD and Music).”

Sample writes, “The video is awesome, as you can really tell how completely stoked Zeno is about the whole thing.”

Among TUAW’s reader comments is this gem, “I just tried, works great on a new iBook 12inches. A bit slow on the video. Wanna hear something exciting? .. go to and install the divx fusion codec beta 3 for mac (it now works with quicktime 7). Well I can confirm that FrontRow plays Divx in my iBook, most of them perfectly.”

Full article with video here.

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Other reports from around the bowels of the Web indicate that Front Row has hit the torrent sites. [UPDATE: 1:06pm ET: MacDailyNews has confirmed the existence of at least one torrent of a working copy of Front Row.]

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  1. Tried it… really cool little program, especially with a bluetooth device. slick UI….. It’s really buggy though… i really hope they release this for all macs sometime… possibly iLife ’06?, that’d be sweet.

  2. I tried it on a mac mini I have here at work, it runs, well, okay I suppose. All the effects run clearly but a lot slower than on a new iMac. Well actually now that I’ve been messing with it.. it only seems to go into the different sections of the program more slowly the first time. I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable on a 1.25 mini mine has 512mb

  3. Got it running on the wife’s PowerBook. I picked a great day to play hooky from work. The bugs really come out to play if you exit and try to run iTunes or QT, though.

    Still… it’s a fun little project and makes me want the new iMac even more. My wallet thanks you, Steve.

  4. Anyone concerned about how the DivX Fusion Beta 2 installer bypasses the usual security password to install? I am. I Just installed it and I was a little bit scared of that fact. I wonder if Apple knows about this. Might drop them an email real quick.
    Has anyone experienced this as well?

  5. I really do wonder if it will be released eventually as a download directly from Apple, as I was searching for something else in Mac Help, and found a reference to “Front Row”. Check it out: I have a relatively new PB 1.5ghz, running 10.4.2. Search for “dvd”, and about nine rows down in the results it says “Playing DVDs using Front Row”. When I show that help topic, there’s a whole page talking about Front Row and the Apple Remote.

    Crazy monkeys.

  6. I just downloaded it and installed it and it’s really fun. Since i broke my tivo, i’ve been downloding my episodes to shows like Arrested Development and Aqua teen. It’s nice to have a simple solution to all of this!

    It works beautifully, except that it’s having a hard time interfacing with itunes and my airport express.

    FYI, i’ve run this on both my powerbook (1.5, 64mb video, 1gig ram) and my mac mini (1.25, 32mb video, 512). works nice on the powerbook, a little lag on the mac mini, but definantly very nice.

  7. Like a few other people, I got mine working on my 12″ powerbook. It is a bit slow at first, and the iTunes interface is a bit buggy, but I think it’s amazing that we have it up and working! I’m star struck at the opening “panning desktop” effect. That alone is so worth it!

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