Report: Apple to launch iTunes Music Store Australia on October 25

“Television is finally leaving the living room,” Julian Lee reports for The Sydney Morning Herald. “The day before Apple is expected to announce an Australian music and video download service, Foxtel has announced a portable device to watch pay TV on the go.”

“The details are sketchy, but Foxtel today promised to launch a portable digital TV device within 18 months. The device would be available only to Foxtel digital TV subscribers who own the iQ ‘personal video recorder,’” Lee reports.

“Apple is holding a press conference in Sydney tomorrow, at which it is expected to unveil a long-awaited Australian version of its iTunes [Music Store], which will sell music and possibly video. The United States version of iTunes already sells popular TV shows for $US2 each,” Lee reports.

Full article here.

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  1. From a Foxtel FAQ.

    Do I own the FOXTEL iQ?
    FOXTEL iQ remains the property of FOXTEL, which allows us to offer it at a low price. This also means that we will continuously update the software for the period of your FOXTEL Digital subscription.

    So the promised portable digital TV device will be available to nobody but FOXTEL, since noboby owns the iQ!

  2. Master cylinder obviously hasn’t been sampling the right beer …
    must think “Foster’s” or “XXXX” representative …

    Try Cascade, Boags, Coopers or Redback … not to mention the growing
    number of microbrews …

    I’m hoping FoxTel will bomb with this as Fox and Telstra (despite my
    ownership of shares in the latter) have too much power and too much
    emphasis on mediocre products. (Telstra still thinks ADSL is a form of
    broadband despite the fact I was using Ethernet at faster speeds decades ago … really sad!!!)

  3. Actually, it’s the rest of the world which is viewed in an upside down manner. Aussies (and Antarctica) are actually on the top of the world. How do I know this? Coz I’m smart that’s why (haha.) Look at a globe upside down… the heavy stuff falls to the bottom (North America, Russia/Asia, Europe etc), plus, as a bonus, the earth spins clockwise in this scenario as well. Woo hoo!

    You guys in the North, just keep digging.

    Huh, MW=surface. I am not making this up. MDN, what are the lotto numbers for tomorrow, just in case?

  4. We are not falling for that one again, are we?

    In case it is true, I want to see television shows available in Australia the day after their network debut in America. I also want to see a lot of Australian shows made available on the iTMS. Pizza and Kath & Kim are better than 99% of the American shows that have taken over our televisions. In case anybody forgot, Australia has its own culture.

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