Apple’s new Power Mac G5 Quad supercharges rendering

“Rick Bernstein, sent in a link to a great discussion at Luxology’s forums about render tests done with a new Quad. Apparently the company had one for testing purposes. No surprises there, Luxology folks are big Apple supporters. However, the test render results for the Quad were definitely surprising and pleasing to many,” Architosh reports.

“Alan Hastings of Luxology posted a test rendering image taken from the new Quad G5 with modo 201. The scene included 244,000 polygons with 8 sample antialiasing and 200 indirect rays. The new Quad G5 finished the image — which looks extremely good by the way — in 17 seconds flat. That bested a score of 38 seconds flat on a Luxology Power Mac Dual G5 at 2.5 Ghz,” Architosh reports. “Alan also tested the same render on a Dell 530 workstation with dual 2.8Ghz Xeons. The result? 49 seconds. There are no Opteron results to compare to yet so at the moment we are not sure if the new Apple Quad G5 is the new heavy weight champion of the world when it comes to rendering.”

Full article here.

Luxology article and image here.

[UPDATE: 2:15pm ET: Revised headline.]

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  1. There are no Intel comparisons for the new dual core G5’s. Only comparisons to the older single core dual processor machines. Guess they didn’t want to embarrass their new partner. The results for the dual Xeons prove it….

    It will be a while before the pro machines get an Intel processor….

    MW: months

  2. mike k.

    Read the comments there, they point out many flaws with it. The whole “iHome” thing was just based on speculation that ended with the reliece of the mac mini, which turned out to be much much smaller than the iHome was rumored to be.

    If you want an “iHome”, go here

    BTW, anyone notice that you can’t get the eMac from apple anymore? Just the new iMac and mac mini. Weird…

  3. actually, i think if you are comparing something new to something that already exists and the new thing takes half the time, then it is 50%; if it were 100% then it literally wouldn’t take any time at all, and 200% would somehow allow you to go back in time.

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