Steve Ballmer photo caption contest now open

We haven’t heard much from chanting, dancing, sweating, chair-throwing and swearing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer since last month when he admitted that some of Windows Vista’s features will be “kissing cousins” to Mac OS X, so we thought we’d have some fun in the form of another photo captioning contest in the tradition of the ones we’ve held previously featuring RealNetworks’ CEO Rob Glaser.

So what if it’s one of those contests where nobody wins a “real” prize? Who cares! It’s fun anyway. Below is a photo of Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO – let’s see what you can do with it! [Thanks to MDN Reader “Lance” for the photo suggestion.]

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  1. Speaking to towelless Microsoft employees, “Steve Jobs won’t prevent Windows from running on Intel-based Macs. You might wonder what our customers will do when they have a choice between Windows and Mac OS X right in front of their faces. I’ve got one strategy – PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! GIVE IT UP FOR ME!!!”

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