offers free podcasts of movie info has deployed technology that allows consumers to download free MP3 audio versions of movie synopses, and receive alerts when new summaries are available. The podcasting feature launched today.

Through the podcasting feature, moviegoers can either listen to podcasts while visiting, or save the files and listen to them at a later date. Users can also subscribe to the podcast and automatically download files to podcast software as they become available. The new podcast functionality underscores’s commitment to delivering consumers with the latest technology and conveniences available for movie information and ticketing services.

“ integrated the new podcasting feature into our site so moviegoers have another fun, engaging way to access movie information prior to making ticketing decisions,” said Joel Cohen, vice president, business development, in a statement. “Podcasting has quickly become prominent among Internet users, so we feel the new option will benefit consumers as we continue to adopt and deploy new features that make simple and convenient to use.” exhibitors currently include:
All Star Entertainment, AMC Theatres, Ashbrie Cinemas, Atlantic Theaters, Atlas Cinemas, Baederwood Movie Theatre Co., Brooklyn Academy of Music, Bryn Mawr Movie Theatre Co., Camera Cinemas, Celebrity Theatres, Channelside Cinemas, Cinema Centers, Cinema Four-Quad, Cinemagic Movies, Cinemall, Classic Cinemas, Clearview Cinemas, Consolidated Theatres, Cornelius Cinemas, Crown Theatres, Dickinson Theatres, Eastern Shores, Entertainment Retail (Hollywood Hits), Famous Players, Film Forum, Greater Huntington Theatres, Greenville Cinemas, Hallett Cinemas, Harkins Theatres, Hollywood Premier Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, Kew Gardens (Cobble Hill), Krikorian Premiere Theatres, Landmark Theatres, Malco Theatres, Mann Theatres, Marco Movies, Marcus Theatres, Marquee Cinemas, Metropolitan Theatres, Narberth Theatre, National Amusements, New York 1 & 2, O’Neil Theatres, Pacific Theatres, Paris Theater, Pavilion Theatre, Phoenix Theatres, Rave Motion Pictures, Reading Cinemas USA (City Cinemas), Ritz Theatres, Riviera Cinemas, Rocky Mountain Cinemas, Roxy Theatres, Santikos Theaters, Sayville Theatre, Spotlight Theatres, UltraStar Cinemas, Watson Theatre, and Westates Theatres.

More information and podcast link here.


  1. I think it’s a great idea, they just need to expand on the concept a bit more.

    Have you people never been out on a date before or with friends and can’t find correct movie info?

    Imagine going you’re out on the town having a great ol time. And then you and your date decided that you would like to go and see a movie.

    You could do one of a number of things. Interrupt the energy of the date by looking for a news paper then flipping to the section, then looking to see what’s good. Then looking for a theater in your area–we all know how much fun this is right– or call movie phone and listen to an endless amount of info OR with that annoying voice.

    Or you can download the previews to your iPod before the date and if the desire to go see a movie comes up, just pull out your iPod and give a quick listen.

    What they should also provide are movie posters shots, address of the theater, phone number, a written description of the movie for a quick rundown incase you don’t want to listen to the audio.

    You people must not be movie fans. I think it’s an excellent idea, who’s time has come. And what better device that the iPod to usher in the new feature.

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