Apple shares jump over 5-percent on new Power Mac G5, enhanced PowerBook, Aperture announcements

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) jumped over 5-percent today in NASDAQ trading following the announcement of new Power Mac G5 Quad and Dual models, enhanced PowerBook G4 offerings, and a new professional photo application called “Aperture.”

Apple closed at $54.94, up $2.73 or 5.23%, on heavy volume of 35,734,279.

In after-hours trading, shares of AAPL currently stand at $55.96.

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  1. they are going to drop again tomorrow, just to rise again a few days later. if you know when to buy and sell you can make a fortune!

    Its a steady investment for the future, as apple means inovation and quality, but its even greater to do realtime trading with apple. All the major investors are doing that, especially with apple.

    Think: why would it drop down from $54 to almost $51 again just the last two days. Because it was “Presentationday” today and some Traders made a lot of money.

  2. how on earth could the shares rise after an update of powerbooks – clearly indicating that nothing changed. Higher resolution is very nice, yes and so is the increased battery life but where’s the performance???

  3. I bought in at $53.77 today. My first time owning AAPL (or any stock for that matter). I hope it’s good to me. This is a quasi long-term investment for me. I figure in a couple of years once Apple is 100% Intel and their market share is double what it is now, my stock will be worth double what I paid for it…

    [*fingers crossed*]

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