Apple’s revolutionary new Aperture software a must have for every professional photographer

“I don’t even have to mention that other software company who’s name starts with the letter A in this article. [Apple’s new Aperture application] is going to be the tool that every Professional Photographer must have, and if he doesn’t already have a Macintosh, he will have to buy one. Just like Final Cut Pro did with the film industry, this software package will revolutionize the Professional Photographic industry. Why? Because it has sex appeal,” writes. ( specializes in digital photography & Macs)

“The only people that are laughing right now are people who know nothing about Professional Photography. The industry is based on and thrives on sex appeal. Apple has nailed it right on the head and put together a package that just oozes that quality all photographers are striving for,” writes.

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See what Apple’s Aperture can do here:

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  1. I’m a devoted amateur photagrapher, and I must say that this package has _everything_ I’ve been missing in other tools, all rolled into one. I’m not pitching Photoshop anytime soon, but for organization (stacks alone will save me hours!) and 90% of what I need to do (and maybe more–I’ll have to try it first), Aperture will do it at least as efficiently as Photoshop.

  2. Sorry but Phase One’s C1 software can run on most computers, Mac or PC, and doesn’t require such steep specs for it to run. It is also the best RAW software available and costs the same as Aperture. It provides wonderful results and the workflow can’t be beat.

    Aperture looks like a great start but it’s got to mature a couple of times to be a must have.

  3. Apple found a way to release new PRO level software for this market segment without hurting the relationship with Adobe.

    As for this software I can’t wait to get it. I will be ordering it right away. As a person who is just getting into Digital Photography in a big way. I realized very quickly there is not a great tool for managing and adjusting RAW formated files. As a Canon Rebel XT owner I found out the hard way that iPhoto does not support this RAW format. This was disappointing to be and I still hope Apple releases an update to address this very soon.

    But getting back to this software it really appears Apple has thought this through. In my short time with my camera I have shot about 3000 photo’s. Managing them and adjusting them is not that easy, even as jpg’s in iPhoto and let’s not even talk about Photoshop. Which I have and use as well. But that needs to be alot easier to use or I need a class.

  4. This is really cool. I didn’t expect to like it, but wow! Too bad iPhoto doesn’t do “stacks”, that is a sorely missied function. I won’t be getting this, but if I did more photography I certainly would. I’d have to get a new G5 to go with it too. Too bad I’m poor. That’s what I get for being a tree-hugging “liberal”.

  5. Corey, if you’ve spend 4 gazillion on Photoshop and haven’t done the built-in tutorials, then you are really missing out. There’s a bunch of good books too. If you have the time and money, a class is a fun way to learn.

    To those that think this app has anything to do with competing with Photoshop, you need to open your minds. This is all about image management, just like iPhoto. The image enhancement tools are primarily for tweeking and for getting images to “go together”. Photoshop is a completely different product.

    I love the “light table” concept and stacks. Apple’s got some great programmers over there. There’s some serious photography-love going on as well.

  6. This looks like a great app for any pro or serious amateur photographer providing the organisational niceties of iPhoto but including some big hitting RAW processing functionality. I back the frustration at not having RAW support for the EOS 350D/Rebel XT. This camera’s been out for months now, why hasn’t Apple included support for it?! It’s also a bit expensive for the amateur audience, it’s a shame that there isn’t an intermediate level piece of software between iPhoto and Apeture for between £99 and £150.

    MDN magic word is ‘changes’ – as in I hope Apple changes their policy on new 3rd party devices soon, get the same problem with new mobile phones!!

  7. This is the kind of thing Microsoft could NEVER EVER do. This takes real passion, not just for programming and algorithms, but passion for art. Looks like Apple has some new interface paradigms too. It’s be a shame for Apple to release a Pro app without making an ammendment to the interface guidelines.

  8. I do think this is a killer App and I would buy it in a second … but I just saw the Specs you need to run it ??? how many photographers use laptops and we can’t even come close to run this App …

    Fantastic killer App but whats the point if people cant run it on their machines… very dissapointing that it’s aimed at such high end Macs and not to laptops as well

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