More information about Apple’s ‘Vingle’ trademark surfaces

“Within Apple’s third Trademark/Service Mark application numbered US serial number 78728980 for VINGLE, filed on Oct. 7, 2005, Apple specifically filed it with the inclusion of three distinct International Classes,” neo reports for Macsimum News. “Only class 038 was reported on last week which pertained to ‘Telecommunication services, for the transmission of messages among computer users.’ The other two International Classes within that same filing went unreported. They were classes 041 and 042, which include the following:”

International Class 041: pertains to “Education via a global computer network, to enable users to program content. Education is specifically defined as, “providing of training and on-line facilities.”

International Class 042: pertains primarily to “Search Engines, Internet Services and Browsing, and is presented as follows: Providing search engines for obtaining data via communications and computer networks; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software to enable users to program audio, video, text and other multimedia content, including music, concerts, videos, radio, television, news, sports, games, cultural events, and entertainment-related programs; Internet services, namely, creating indexes of information, sites and other resources available on communications and computer networks for others; searching, browsing and retrieving information, sites, and other resources available on communications and computer networks for others.

Full article here.

In a somewhat related article, Mr. Mitch Vingle, staff writer for The Charleston Gazette, writes “What’s a name worth? I’m being trademarked. Me. My mom and dad. My brother and sister. My daughter. My cousins. And quite possibly (although my sweetie may now flee after hearing the news) my future wife. The word is out. Apple Computer has applied for a trademark on our last name. You read correctly. “Vingle’’ is about to become as well-known in the world of computers as iPod.”

Full article here.

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  1. Great news. Now maybe we can have another 500 posts guessing wildly what “Vringle” is about, just like last Saturday night. Maybe this’ll help keep us crazed MacHeads occupied ’til tomorrows announcements?

  2. Gingle I do believe was the code word for the iPod (audio), Vingle was the code word for the iPod with video. Apple just trademarks these things just in case. I doubt we’ll ever see Apple use this for a product, IMHO.

  3. A challenge is a challenge so I have tried to write 500 wildly speculative posts about this but failed dismally at the first hurdle. However I feel totally ‘spraddled’ by the effort I have put in and I have decided therefore to trademark this word with immediate effect to denote the total uselessness and wasted expenditure of effort in trying to guess the unguessable.

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