Apple’s ‘latest pro innovations’ event to feature updated PowerBook G4, Power Mac G5, Photo Pro app?

“Apple will unveil its ‘latest pro innovations’ Wednedsay in New York City on the eve of the PhotoPlus Expo, where the company will demonstrate its new offerings as the largest exhibitor at the tradeshow,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz writes about PowerBook G4 and Power Mac G5 upgrades in the full article and also writes, “it would not be surprising to see Apple deliver additional product announcements tomorrow. One possibility is the release of Apple Photo Pro, a product documents obtained by Think Secret in August suggested was in development.”

Katz writes, “Lending additional credibility to additional ‘pro’-related announcements is the massive presence that it appears Apple will occupy at the PhotoPlus Expo, which runs Thursday through Saturday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. While Apple does not list the event on its page of upcoming trade shows, the expo’s floor plan reveals the largest booth at the expo, number 338, is reserved by an unnamed company. Looking up booth 338 in the exhibitor list reveals the mystery vendor’s address to be that of Apple: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. The phone number listed is also that of an extension at Apple.”

Full article here.

In August, Katz described the rumored Apple Photo Pro as resembling, “more [of an] iPhoto on steroids than a Photoshop competitor.”

That full article is here.

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  1. Some people have claimed that the PowerBook will get an integrated iSight.

    While i think an integrated iSight will eventually come in all Apple’s laptops i don’t think Apple would redesign the PowerBook for this, then do it again for the Intel transition.

    Unless Apple has managed to redesign the PowerBook so that both the PPC and Intel internals will fit in the same case i’m expecting that all new systems will come with a free, bundled iSight, along with a reduced price on iSights (i know i’d buy one if they were £59 each, or a 2-pack for £99).

    I’m also expecting to see the Dual Dual-core PPC PowerMac, and probably that Pro Photo app, and maybe an update to other Pro apps.

  2. Since I’ve been waiting for faster PowerBooks to arrive forever I’m looking forward to some radical speedbumps tonight. Though rumours has it the new machines will still be below 2Ghz which, if true, would suck royal donkeynut.

  3. I’m betting on this photo Pro thing. Because would Apple really have a big event like this to announce some minor update to power books or power macs? Unless it’s the G5 PowerBook, which won’t happen until Intel.

    Plus, this way every Apple iLife app has a “Pro” counterpart – Final Cut Pro=iMovie, Logic=GarageBand, DVD Studio Pro=iDVD, PHOTO PRO=iPhoto. It makes sense.

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