Official San Francisco BART schedules and system map for your Apple iPod

San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is the first major transit agency in the nation to offer downloadable schedules and maps for Apple iPod, the popular portable music player, including the new video iPod introduced by Apple today.

The “BART QuickPlanner for Apple iPod” allows customers to look up train departure times, view a color version of the official BART system map and even download general station information. Customers will also have the option to receive automatic update notifications to ensure they always have the most accurate schedule, map and station information.

“Look around the train you’ll see that many BART customers carry an iPod,” said BART Board President Joel Keller in a statement. “Now they can carry BART schedules, and even the BART system map, right alongside their music.”

The “BART QuickPlanner for Apple iPod” follows a trend setting commitment to serving tech-savvy customers in the Bay Area. Taken together with BART’s QuickPlanners for Palm, Pocket PC and web-enabled mobile devices, no other transit agency in the nation offers more mobile trip planning options. The BART QuickPlanner for Palm was the first handheld scheduler ever to receive a prestigious APTA AdWheel Award, one of the transit industry’s highest honors.

The “BART QuickPlanner for Apple iPod” and other QuickPlanners are offered free of charge on the BART website.

More info here.

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  1. I’ve been running a BART news site and train schedule widget for months now. Download BARTsmart BART Widget for OS X today!

    It’s good to see BART joining in, but still they’re late to the party. I think their iPod schedules are poor and don’t include full trip information, but I guess something is better than nothing. Thanks BART!

  2. the problem is, you have to ride to bay area (non) rapid transit to use it. still…. it’s a start.

    MDN word is progress…. and how about somehigh speed rail progress for transit issues?

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