Tech editor: At media event, Jobs ‘babbled like some balding, embarrassingly hip middle-aged uncle’

“Steve Jobs, founder and chief executive of US computer giant Apple, was in jubilant mood last week. And deservedly so. In short order he has lured millions of us to become iPod addicts. And the result? Sweet music. Apple has been able to report its best ever financial results with its flagship new product, the iPod portable music player, selling 28m units and capturing a whopping 75% of the digital music player market,” Tony Glover, Technology Editor for The Business Online, writes. “The driving force behind these stellar results is not the range of Macintosh computers that Apple invented and spent the last quarter of a century perfecting. It was the iPod, a pocket-sized music player, whose first version Apple launched only four years ago. Apple shipped 876,000 Macintosh computers during the quarter ending June 2005 and almost as many iPods at 860,000.”

Glover writes, “Audiences across the world reacted to the announcement of the new iPod with rapturous applause. But success brings its own challenges. Despite the enthusiasm for Apple’s latest iPod, it was hard to tell who was more nervous – Jobs or the increasingly jittery investors who sent Apple’s shares on a roller coaster ride last week. Many investors privately admit that Apple’s growing reliance on digital music players for future growth is causing concern. One US analyst told The Business that he had serious misgivings that Apple had become too dependent on maintaining an impossibly high market share in portable digital music players to drive its entire range. Jobs makes no secret of the fact that the iPod is seen as the hook which draws customers into the Apple stores and into the wider world of Apple computing.”

Glover writes, “But underneath Jobs’s California cool, which he wears like a suit of armour, there was clear evidence of strain as the man in black unveiled Apple’s latest offerings. Right from the start of an hour long one-man show, Jobs was in hyperdrive. ‘Isn’t this cool? . . . this is so cool… I think . . .we think this is so hot,’ he babbled while showing film trailers on Apple’s latest Mac desktop computer. Like some balding and embarrassingly hip middle-aged uncle at a family gathering, Jobs pulled faces for a series of ‘teenage effects’ designed to show off the Macintosh computer’s inbuilt web camera.”

“Firms like Microsoft and Toshiba are retailing devices similar to the iPod range in almost every way. They are pitched as being a better choice for customers using Microsoft-powered PCs and laptops, by far the majority of computer users. And the price of digital music players is falling with Far Eastern manufacturers already developing devices that retail for a small fraction of the iPod’s hefty price tag,” Glover writes.

“Video is a market where Steve Jobs already faces serious competition, not least from his old nemesis Microsoft founder Bill Gates,” Glover writes. “Microsoft software already powers a portable video and music player, the Zen Vision. Zen has been shipping since last November video-enabled players with much bigger colour screens than the new video iPod and holding up to 85 hours of video, 9,000 songs. Last year, Samsung launched a similar device running Microsoft software, the oddly named Samsung Yepp YH-999 Portable Media Center.”

“While these products may not yet be perceived as being as ‘cool’ as the new video iPod, they are compatible with Microsoft’s broader product range. These include the Media Center software than runs computers designed to double up as TVs for watching home movies and videos downloaded from the internet,” Glover writes.

“Apple computers are also unpopular with computer gamers, a crucial application for portable video. Many of the best games developers do not bother to design games for Apple computers because most people have Microsoft systems in their offices and homes,” Glover writes. “As one industry delegate leaving Apple’s product launch last week was heard to comment: ‘It looks as if Steve Jobs may have opened up another new market for Bill Gates.'”

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In the quarter ending June 2005, Apple shipped 1,182,000 Macs, and 6,155,000 iPods, not 876,000 Macs and 860,000 iPods as Glover states. The rest of Glover’s tripe, some of it embarrassingly and transparently envious of Jobs and Apple, is at least as wrong as his Mac and iPod shipping numbers. To us, Glover’s apparent love of Microsoft software trumpets the fact that he’s obviously never touched a bit of Apple software in his life. Glover is very confused: running Microsoft software is a liability, not a selling point. And does he even realize that, oh, by the way, iPods and iTunes are compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs?

Perhaps, when it comes to on-stage presentations, Mr. Glover prefers these examples:
Bill Gates simply can’t get Media Center to work at CES 2005
Microsoft CEO Monkey Boy dances, screams, and sweats profusely

[Note: in the most-recent quarter ended September 24, 2005, Apple shipped 1,236,000 Macs and 6,451,000 iPods]

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  1. All of these “portable video devices are trying to get into the nascent portable video market but only Apple has come up with a new model of distribution which totally bypasses the traditional means of broadcast/cable/satellite/DVD/Tape. Just think, you can now watch TV without “watching TV” if you know what I mean. Apple still needs to get some major kinks out—at least DVD quality, burn to disk options, record at DVD quality options, bigger library—but I believe their model has a much greater potential at succeeding than Sony’s, MS’s, etc. At least Apple has some legal, downloadable content available whereas the others have virtually zero.

    Besides, Apple has nothing to lose with this video option. It’s really just a freebie upgrade for the same price of previous generation iPods. They didn’t make the same mistake they made with the iPod Photo and offer the vPod as a premium, top of the line option. And right now, NO ONE else has any compelling competing options in the portable video segment.
    By the time Apple comes out with its next generation vPod, MS, Real, Napster, et al. better have some good alternatives or Apple will own this market as well.

  2. Most of this is BS. SJ was very etertaining and was having fun with the presentation. I saw no strain. Apple is growing faster than any other computer company (watch out Gateway – we are on your tail). The MS Media center is awful and has been a commerical failure

    Apple does need to be careful with MS and its large cash drawers but I believe they are on the right track. This guy ignores the tight integration of the i-Tunes site, i-Tunes Software, and i-Pods. No other company can do this and the market has proved it.

    The only thing I agree with is the last comment on games. I don’t play games but a lot of people do and on this site mac users do complain a lot abou the lack of games for the mac platform. An acquisition in this market would be a interesting play for Apple.

  3. I guess he would have felt better had Steve run around the stage like an idiot yelling and screaming, BEGGING for people’s attention and applause.

    Hard to see sweat rings on a black turtleneck though.

    MW ‘head’, as in’ Steve Ballmer has a giant head.

  4. In other words, Glover laments that Jobs did not behave like a typical CEO: cold and drone-like ala Gates or Fiorona. So he aped his way through one session..big f’in deal.
    Lou Dobbs could set Glover straight…

  5. glover is babbeling like some embarrassingly UNhip father figure who is saying things like “LA gear are JUST as good as NIKE…and they don’t cost as much”.

    I wonder how many other reporters are on the $oft payroll.

  6. it’s funny, because to call someone “embarrassingly hip”is actually complimenting them. if they were “embarrassingly un-hip,” that would be someone that is trying but doesn’t succeed. so, this genious actually meant something other than what he wrote. he was trying to put SJ down and gave him a compliment.

  7. This couldn’t be farther from reality….just watch the video of the presentation. Glover clearly has an agenda to promote a MSFT solution. This is so sad, i can see some people being influenced by such mis-information.

  8. Wooooah! Sorry about that article people! When I wrote it, I had run out of chrystal meth and was in a foul mood. A thousand pardons! I’m feeling much better now (if you know what I mean…wink…wink).

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