Apple reposts Eminem iPod+iTunes ad online

It’s back on here:

In a related note, has an article discussing the striking similarity Apple’s Eminem TV spot bears to a 2001 spot for Lugz footwear.

Full article here.

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  1. what ended up happening a couple years ago when Eminem sued Apple for using their song in an iTunes commercial? Could it be possible that Apple had to pay Eminem and figured they’d atleast get a commercial out of it?

  2. Could care less about M&M, but I love the ad. I love the colors, I like the 3D environment better than the solid color background of the previous ads. Same goes for the print ads that match the new Em ‘n Em ad. The music and the motion work great together.

    It’s a great ad.

    Em and M or no Eminm. How the hell DO you spell his name?

    Magic Word = special as in; After hearing M in Em talk, you’d think he was in special ed.

  3. i saw the ad on during the football games if any of you dorks watch sports… but i think they should get rid of it and use that family guy spoof of stewie doing an ipod commercial.. that is good advertising.

  4. Agree with SquarePixel, this is dynamite, raw energy, should play well around the world. I’ve run into young people in the weirdest places who know about Detroit solely due to Eminem. Wonder how the Dell will respond with Ditty ads?

  5. unleaded: which music start isn’t a drug addict? Geesh, even the great Ray Charles was an addict.

    Apple said they had been working on this for about 2 years or so? Isn’t that when this song came out? They should have gone with another artist for that reason, someone who is hot now.

    By the way, young people who buy iPods will not see the correlation between Apple and Eminem… they will be too busy watching videos on their iPods.

  6. “He is an admitted drug addict. Apple associates itself with that???” -Unleaded

    So is Governor Arnold S. ‘Unleaded’. Your point was?

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    BTW, I’m no fan of Eminem, but this is about Marketing

  7. “He is an admitted drug addict. Apple associates itself with that???”

    Ummm, John F. Kennedy was addicted to pain killers to treat his almost dibilitating back problems. Why would anyone want to associate a drug addict with liberty and democracy and the U.S. of A???

    John Belushi was addicted to coke, heroin and alcohol. He died of a drug overdoes. Anyone who enjoys watching “Animal House” must be high, because how can a drug addict have any comedic talent???

    As Clever Name TBA noted, the great Ray Charles was also a heroin addict. For 17 years, I might add. Obviously, that makes his music gutter trash, right???

    And what the hell! Both Bob Dylan and John Lennon were featured in Apple’s “Think Different” campaign. Know drug-using freaks. Why would Apple want to associate itself with that???

    Hello! Reality check, please! It is possible that a product of one’s artistic output or achievements can be considered separately from one’s personal weaknesses and failings. Or better yet, how about considering them in context?

  8. He was addicted to tranquilisers, nothing compared to George Bush who was an alcoholic and now look at him. Anyway, what is it with all the anti-drugs bullshit? People who have tried drugs are not evil.

  9. I think this is the coolest iPod ad yet (although I guess it’s really more of an iTMS ad). I sincerely doubt that SJ cares whether Eminem is/was addicted to drugs. SJ used to drop acid frequently, and pot smoking was supposedly a normal part of the work day on the Apple campus in the early days.

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