Apple’s Eminem iPod+iTunes ad airs on U.S. television networks

“Despite its suspicious disappearance from Apple’s website last week, a new [iPod+iTunes] ad featuring rap superstar Eminem appeared to be in moderately-heavy rotation on network television this past Sunday,” AppleInsider reports.

“The ad appeared on Apple’s website for download immediately following the special event but disappeared within a few hours with no explanation… It remains unclear precisely why the ad was removed from Apple’s website,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.

The ad can be seen starting at 31:20 in Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ presentation (QuickTime required) here.

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  1. To JEG:

    Seeing how Apple has been fairly eclectic in regards to their music choices, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another ad with rap/hip-hop music in the background (after they cycle through a few other genres first, of course).

  2. There’s rap, gansta rap and Eminem. The first I dislike because of music. The second I despise because of the violence and sexism. The last I pity because despite Eminem’s talent he continues to be a sexist pig, a violent bastard and the only person in the entertainment industry who wrote, published and released a song humiliating and denigrating his mother.

    I refuse point blank to look at any video or listen to any music that has any relationship to that misogynist. Now that’s what I call a waste in advertising dollars. I’m with you JEG.

  3. I don’t want to this board to devolve into a fight about eminem but let me say this one thing:

    Eminem doesn’t choose to waste his talent being a misogynist, he chooses to make good music and sell it to the pop obsessed masses with this image and notoriety that he creates. He is an excellent businessman, with out any qualms about who he upsets in the process. The first one or two songs on each album are mostly empty pop songs, but they are good pop songs that drives sales while the rest of the albums always have some pretty good music in it, mixed in with some songs about his wife and mom to make sure he gets on TRL and and music news show. brilliant, ethically shady but brilliant.

    MDN magic word: working, as in whatever eminem is doing, it’s working.

  4. I don’t mind the ad. The ad is just a variation of the U2 ad. Sorry but I can’t stand rap which is music by non-musicians with 0 talent (Eminem, Kenya, <fill in another rap artist here>, and etc).

  5. I’m glad SJ and crew don’t just use their favorite genre of music to try to promote iTunes, iPod (or even Apple). It’s called Marketing Sir JEG.

    And I don’t think AAPL investors actually give a shit what genre Apple uses to market their products; as long as it is effective. As to what kind of music you Sir JEG like or don’t like; we AAPL fans/investors don’t give a shit about either.

    Rock on Steve!
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