Apple has the potential to change not just the audio industry, but the whole entertainment industry

“We rarely if ever pay attention to iPod craze. That’s not because we have something against iPods, but because we fail to see how they could be interesting to publishers of any kind. The new video iPod is an exception. It has the potential to change not just the audio industry, but the whole entertainment and infotainment industries. And that’s where publishing comes in,” IT-Enquirer writes.

“Gartner Group remains cautious about the immediate impact of portable video and about any high expectations that may result from Apple’s rapid ascent to the top of the online music sector. But even Gartner can’t refrain from being impressed by Apple’s platform that shows the potential to radically alter notions of TV content and how it is delivered,” IT-Enquirer writes. “Gartner adds it was a clever idea of Apple to deliver television shows the day after an episode airs, because viewers who missed the episode will definitely want to download it and view it on the iPod –no matter how small the screen area may be.”

“In some countries in Europe, this argument would be moot, given the fact that some stations there are already starting with digital TV, which allows you to watch shows whenever you want. But those stations are still few, and their plans still in a very early stage of development,” IT-Enquirer writes. “Forrester Research’s Quick Take, therefore, is much more enthusiastic. Ted Schadler and Josh Bernoff are swept off their feet by the video-enabled iPod. ‘Apple’s new iPod with video-video-enhanced iTunes, and living room-ready computer [iMac G5 with Front Row and Apple Remote] will create a legal market for video downloads,’ the pair of them state in their October 13 Quick Take.”

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  1. yeah, they might be even more impressed if they realized you can view those episodes on your computer or TV. They’re assuming that you *have* to view it on the iPod’s screen.

  2. Video podcasting will be the next biggest thing. As far as watching the video on screen I thought the video was going to be optimized for the iPods’ small screen; meaning that Desperate Housewives would play on your monitor at that resolution (at least clearly).

  3. heh .. very nice article. Interesting that it begins by referencing ‘publishers’, amongst whom IT-Enquirer counts itself.

    In my opinion, one of the most highly visible, but seldom recognized, displays of Apple quality is it’s ‘publishing’ efforts in regard to the iTunes Music Store. For sure, many observers are now recognizing the success of the iTMS as a store front, but it’s in fact quite an alluring piece of publishing all by itself .. even if you never bought a single file from it. The iTunes Music Store is indeed a real good read, and I’m convinced this is one of the major reasons for it’s success.

  4. Why does everyone seem to be missing the big point here? The ability to download and watch a TV show is the earth-shattering news. Maybe a few thousand of those people will be able to watch it on their iPod, but who cares? The vast majority (meaning everyone with broadband) will watch it on their computer, and that’s what will change the industry.

    The only thing missing now is the home TV connection, but we’re clearly positioned now for an SF Mac Expo announcement that will finally bridge the downloadable content with the complete wireless home entertainment solution — I think this expo will be the best yet.

  5. I bet Apple and Intel are working on some kind of hardware-media security-ID thingamabob for the to-be-released higher resolution TV shows. At this point the studios probably need some copy protection proof before they jump on the bandwagon (regarding full resolution downloads that is). What I don’t get is why Apple/Disney didn’t go a step further ie – to make it possible to download/pay for the show one day ahead of the official TV show. Now that would kick revenues. At least as long as the resolution sucks. It would also put a whole new twist on the word pre-screenings ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> I just wonder if Apple is allowed to screen the downloads (and maybe even enduser reviews) online. If that would happen – the iTMS would grow into a next-gen moneymaker.

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