Apple removes new Eminem iPod ad from website

“Apple has apparently pulled its new iPod commercial featuring rap star Eminem [from its website]. No reason was given for the withdrawl. The 30-second spot premiered today during Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at an Apple special event. The ad features Eminem performing his hit single ‘Lose Yourself’ and was expected to begin airing on television in a week,” iPodNN reports.

Full article here.

During his presentation earlier today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs played the ad for the assembled audience not once, but twice.

Earlier today, the ad could be found at
That URL now redirects users to


  1. I’m not a fan of hip-hop but I think Eminem is an extraordinary talent, and I don’t think anyone who understands music or the industry can doubt that. I personally thought the ad was great, and it has nothing to do with whether or not you like the performer. The task was to create a new campaign that kept what was memorable about the super successful campaign that preceded it, and added enough to give it a new look and feel. To that end, I thought it was successful. I’d be interested to know how Eminem became involved with this new campaign, given his history with Apple — was it part of the settlement or did he have a genuine change of heart? He’s not someone who needs the money, nor does he spend much time trying to please others…

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