Apple posts QuickTime of ‘One More Thing’ special media event

Apple has posted the a 1:21 hour QuickTime of Apple’s “One More Thing” special event featuring Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he introduces the all new iMac G5 with Front Row, the 5th generation iPod, and iTunes 6.

QuickTime 7 required:

The New iPod with Video.  The ultimate music + video experience on the go.  Buy it now at the Apple Store. From $299. Free shipping.
The New iMac G5 – Built-in camera and remote control with Front Row media experience. From $1299. Free shipping.


  1. Hey, theIoniousMac… can watch it in iTunes. That’s why when you install iTunes 6, it tells you that you need Quicktime 7.0.3 in order to view the new videos that you purchase from the iTunes store. Try clicking on the little Video icon on the left. Ya know….the section for videos.

  2. According to the release: ” Customers can now purchase and download their favorite television shows from iTunes the day after they air on TV, watch them on their Mac or PC…”

    I’m watching it on my 20″ cinema display right now and it is decent to good.

    gotta have QT 7.0.3, which just appeared on update about 45 min ago…

  3. The song that plays at the opening of this QT video – does anyone know the name of the song, and the band that performs it?

    I believe it was also used in the Nano presentation.

    If you do, please share it here!


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