Yahoo launches tools for finding, organizing and rating podcasts

“Hoping to tune into the latest craze in digital media, Yahoo Inc. is introducing tools for finding, organizing and rating “podcasts” — the audio programs designed to be played on Apple Inc.’s iPod and many other portable music players,” Michael Liedtke reports for The Associated Press. “The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company, which operates the world’s most visited Web site, plans to begin testing the new service today at [Note: URL does not currently work, we did find this: ]

“Although it can do several things, the free service focuses on making it easier for people to sift through the tens of thousands of podcasts currently available on the Web to find the programming best suited to their personal interests. ‘We intend to be the most comprehensive source for podcast content,’ said Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s chief product officer,” Liedtke reports. “Yahoo isn’t the first Web site to search podcasts. Specialty Web sites such as and already do the same thing. But Yahoo is the first Internet heavyweight to tackle the task. ‘We feel like we are really getting ahead of the curve with this,’ Ralston said.”

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Yahoo is not the first “Internet heavyweight” to tackle the task. Apple’s iTunes Music Store has offered tools for finding, organizing and rating podcasts since June. iTunes users have everything they need to discover, subscribe, manage and listen to Podcasts built right in. More info here:

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  1. The Yahoo site is up now. Looks appealing but you’ll need a Yahoo account to participate. I never got one of those so somebody else will have to report on the deal.

    I do see that you can both listen and subscribe to many of the same podcasts as are listed in the iTMS podcast section. We’ll see if they can keep up with Apple’s industrious publishing efforts in regard to podcast presentation. They’ll need to work hard at it, for sure.

  2. The way I see it, this is only gonna help Apple. iTunes has a “Subscribe to using URL” feature so if you find a good podcast on Yahoo, you will still probably be going back to iTunes to subscribe.

  3. Hmmm, still buggy. I tried to subscribe to a podcast and it just takes me to a screen telling me what is going to happen. But I could not find a link to continue and finish the process. They do mention iTunes though. Here is the content of the help page I get stuck on:

    “First off, this podcast is FREE – so the next screen will not ask for your billing information. When you subscribe, however, you will be asked to download a small file called a .pcast file that contains information about the podcast. This file tells jukebox software like Yahoo! Music Engine, iTunes 5.0, and others to keep tabs on this podcast and to go fetch new episodes for you whenever they are ready. Now you can listen to and enjoy your podcast”

  4. Heh, I just tried it again with Firefox and now the page renders correctly. Evidently they have not made this Safari friendly – which is A Bad Thing™.

    Anyway, I went through the whole process and you can choose to open podcasts you find with iTunes – which is A Good Thing™.

  5. err .. once I tried the URL from Safari instead of NetNewsWire, I could listen to the podcasts without a Yahoo login. Interestingly, a browser based Yahoo branded player appears and whadaya know, it’s using QuickTime. hmmm .. maybe that’s just cause it’s originating from my Safari browser?

    Anyway, how will the non-Mac public at large get these podcasts onto their iPods? I can save them via QuickTime Pro. How do the other folks do it? Anybody know?

  6. Of course that is assuming you are using a browser other than Safari since the subscribe feature doesn’t seem to work correctly with Safari. Speaking of which, if other people can try this and confirm on it, I think we should nail Yahoo on this issue. This site should be made compatible with Apple’s browser.

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