Microsoft’s Windows Vista strives to deliver what Apple’s Mac OS X already offers

NPR’s Steve Inskeep gets a preview of Windows Vista from New York Times columnist David Pogue. Vista, the latest operating system from Microsoft is set to debut in December of 2006.

You can listen to the audio of the report (3:55) via a link from this page:

Of interest is Pogue’s comparisons of Vista to Apple’s Mac OS X. Pogue is “hopeful” that in December 2006 Vista will be as solid and secure as Mac OS X and discusses some ways Microsoft attempts to incorporate features into Vista that are already available in Apple’s Mac OS X.

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  1. I wonder if Short- uuhhh Long — ehhh … vista
    could generate as much excitement as the “One More Thing”
    coming this Wednesday ??


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  2. NPR is a crypto-corporate/government subsidiary of Arthur Daniels Midland and Monsanto. Of course they don’t use Quicktime. Apple is a bunch of pinkos.

    When I was naive I listened to NPR and thought I was getting news.

  3. Pogue sounded excited about Vista in general. I think what we have here is a computer enthusiast that would like to encourage all improvements. Windows is prettier and has security improvements. These are good things. The only real bad part is that it’s going to make people hestitate again and put-off buying a Mac.

    I really hope that Apple makes running Windows programs on a Mactel very easy. It really is annoying to have to run two OSes to get my work done, but I refuse to have that all-in-one OS be based on Windows and controlled by Microsoft.

  4. “When I was naive I listened to NPR and thought I was getting news.”

    Whoever is now giving you what you think is news obviously didn’t tell you that it’s ARCHER Daniels Midland. Wanker.

    MW: tHE dUDE knows “nothing”

  5. Let’s see. Leopard (a.k.a. Mac OS 10.5)possibly released in June 2006 (maybe earlier), while Microsoft Vista is possibly released in December 2006 of the same year. Hmmm. That gives Redmond at least six more months to incorporate some of the features of Leopard into Vista, no?

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