Henrico to decide whether to ditch Apple iBooks for Dell laptops in middle schools

“This spring, Texas-based Dell Inc. beat out Apple Computer Inc. to supply laptops to Henrico County high school students and teachers. And if Dell has its way, Henrico won’t dish out Apples to middle school students and teachers next year,” Olympia Meola reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Until this fall, Henrico high school students toted Apple iBooks. Middle school students still use Apples. In June, that contract is up for grabs.”

Meola reports, “When making a pitch for the $17.9 million, four-year high school contract, Dell offered to provide at least 14,000 middle school machines for $20 less per unit than the high school laptops. The school system has until Nov. 1 to sign on. The Henrico school system purchased 15,800 Dell laptops at $1,131 apiece for the high school program, compared with Apple’s offer of $1,386 per unit. Joseph P. Rapisarda Jr., county attorney, said the School Board can accept Dell’s middle school offer without seeking other proposals. But if the county issued a request for proposals for the middle school contract, Apple could bid again. A lease for the majority of the iBooks expires in June.”

“School technology officials are still waiting to see how the Dells perform now that a vast majority of high school students are using them. So far, only a few issues have been reported,” Meola reports. “Meanwhile, little has been said about the iBooks, which have been in use in the middle schools for the past three years.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For some reason, we’re not hopeful that Apple Macs will be chosen for Henrico’s middle school students and teachers next year. Expect more Henrico County women to wet themselves standing in line for $50 Apple iBooks in the future.

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  1. MCCFR,

    Yes it was funny – if somebody posted it. Not so funny as part of the MDN take. There’s a choice to make, either just comment will-nilly about whatever, or take the news stuff seriously and leave the childish comments aside or for the rest of us. It’s an either/or propsosition. You can’t act like a kid and expect adult respect. MDN wants both. When somebody calls MDN on a “take”, MDN will then make and addendum to cover that arguement, but won’t post a time stamp or give reference to the post which caused the edit. That’s lame.

    As long as it wants both, it leaves itself open for criticism both sides and can’t legitimatel defend itself without looking foolish. Personally, the take was funny in my mind. But for all of MDN’s protestations, it’s crass and amaturish.

    My “take” is that there are a couple of folks who write the takes – some 16 year old kid and an adult who take turn manning ship.

  2. Education should be all about preparing children for the real world. Given that 96% of world (at least) uses Windows-based PC’s then teaching children their first computing skills on a WIndows-based machine seems to make a lot of sense to me. The school is not aiming to produce geeks who can swap and change between systems with ease. So, if there’s a choice of teaching kids Windows or MacOS or Linux it seems a no-brainer to me (from an educational perspective), particularly when the Windows machine is also considerably cheaper. I’m afraid this nonsense about malware and viruses slowing these machines down is largely FUD. It is perfectly possible to prevent this on a PC, particularly in the controlled environment of a school. Perhaps if Apple ever reached a 25% market share then it might be appropriate to start teaching computing on them.

  3. ps. even if the virus/malware problem isn’t FUD, which I’m sure the unbiased and open-minded readers of this site will claim, then it still makes sense to me to educate our kids about how to deal with viruses and malware! If it is the problem this site claims, and 96% of PC’s suffer from it, then it seems good sense to teach “safe computing” practice to kids as soon as possible, along with safe sex.

  4. Reality Check:

    Yes you should teach them how to use windows as long as windows is still a viable platform (Which is questionable) But why not buy Mac’s, and get softwindows on them and let the kids decide which operating system they like the best? I don’t know Apple’s market share (Either installed user base or new sales) but I’m pretty sure there are millions and millions of mac users around the world that need to have some support on their macs too. So why not teach them how to work with/fix a mac along side a windows computer? Granted… Mac’s need less support then windows. But they do still need some maintence and TLC. I run a network of 5 mac’s and 1 pc, we have a dedicated server (emac 700Mhz) that runs our email, web, ftp, windows file server, & Mac file server. I have more trouble with my one PC then all 5 of my macs (Including my server) put together. Anyway… Just my ramblings.

    MDN MW: play, as in lets call the plays both ways ref!

  5. Nice idea ‘reality check’ … I agree 100 percent. We do need to teach out kids how to practice safe computing because the software company cannot follow tried and true rules of software development!! Hey, maybe when the car manufacturer has poor brakes, we can all learn to stick our foot out the door to help slow the car! Maybe we should cancel some of the stupid math and science classes to teach safe computing? How about a political correctness class for good measure?

    How stupid! And I haven’t even bought a Mac … YET!!

  6. I say let the little spoiled drug using, sex worshipping, tatooed, pierced retards have M$ and DELL. Notice how the E in DELL in tilted in their logo? I’m investigating the reason, so if none of you hear from me again you know something terrible has happened to me.

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