Analysts expect strong Mac sales in Apple’s latest quarter

“Apple is expected to turn in strong numbers when the company reports earnings Tuesday, but with a twist — for once, it may not be all about the iPod,” Amanda Cantrell reports for CNN/Money. “The expectation on Wall Street is that Apple (down $0.23 to $51.07, Research) will record yet another blowout quarter, with sales of the perennially popular iPod expected to be a big part of the story. Industry analysts surveyed by Thomson First Call are forecasting earnings of 37 cents a share, on average, for the latest quarter based on revenues of $3.7 billion.”

“That would be up from earnings of 27 cents a share and revenues of about $2.35 billion a year earlier — at the time, Apple’s highest fourth-quarter revenue in nine years, according to the company,” Cantrell reports. “But analysts also agree that Apple enjoyed high shipments of its personal computers for the quarter, benefiting from promotions tied to the back-to-school season.”

“It’s a news-heavy week for Apple. Interestingly, the company has chosen the day after its earnings report to make an announcement that it won’t talk about but what many expect will be a video-enabled iPod, upgrades to its Power Mac and Power Book lines, or both,” Cantrell reports. “Either way, Apple watchers note that trying to predict what Jobs is going to do next can be an object lesson in how to look foolish. ‘When Steve Jobs says ‘one more thing’, that’s usually pretty big; it’s probably going to be an event of some significance,’ said JupiterResearch’s Michael Gartenberg.”

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  1. 5% market share ceiling breached. Black iMac. Pink iPod nano.
    Paul McCartney to join Madaonna and Steve Jobs on stage
    singing “all you need is love”. Beatle iPod – new version – released.
    Standing ovation.

    And then Steve says “Oh yeh … and one more thing!”

  2. to tag onto what jadisone said…. I’m finding the same here, about 4 friends in the past 6 months have switched. It’s all about the viruses with them. Software doesn’t matter much, it’s about the viruses, mac has none, windows has the rest.

  3. On the strength of 1.364 Million CPUs and 7.022 Million iPods I’m forecasting 43¢ EPS.

    1.5 Million would be great but represents a 27% increase in quarter over quarter sales. THAT would be astounding, and would crush the 5% share metric.

  4. Thank you, MDN, for the absence of snarky but ill-informed financial commentary. It’s all about managing expectations as well as gross margins, folks.

    It appears the market is expecting about 7 million iPods and 1.3 million Macs. Apple can have a blow-out quarter by topping 7 million and hitting 1.5 million Mac, which as Gregg Thurman pointed out would be a stretch, but simply amazing. It would set Apple solidly on the path to ship 6+ million Macs in 2006 and it will suddenly become much, much harder to dismiss Apple as a “niche” player.

  5. “it will suddenly become much, much harder to dismiss Apple as a “niche” player.”

    Funny that really – remember back in the 90’s when Apple was dismissed as a niche player for “only” having a 10% market share? 😀

  6. Just as an aside, Apple should – assuming they want to make the information public – be able to announce (on Thursday most likely) that they have passed the 650 million download mark for iTMS, with around 150 million tracks (approximately 12.5 million albums if you work at 12 tracks/album) downloaded in the 84 days since the 18th July.

    I have a challenge for Edgar Bronfman: if he thinks that Apple’s commercial model – which is generating around $480 million/year for the industry – is wrong, why doesn’t he invest Warner Music’s money into someone like Creative or iRiver and build an experience equivalent to the iTunes/iPod platform, based on the business model that he wants Apple to adopt and, just to prove he isn’t gutless, I think he should cut Apple off at the knees and forbid WMG content from being available on iTMS.

    I’m sure all of his artists would appreciate that Edgar is looking after their interests, and that his shareholders will see the wisdom in his long-term thinking; alternatively, they’ll have him shot by a team of ruthless ninja assassins.

  7. Reality Check >

    obsolete (adj.)
    [I]no longer produced or used; out of date[/I]

    Now, as far as I can tell, PPC Macintoshes are still being produced and used; therefore, by implication, they are not obsolete as there is nothing else that can run the Mac OS currently available.

    overpriced (transitive verb, also adj.)

    [I]charge too high a price for[/I]

    Maybe $499 is too high a price for you – however, if you try really hard, you might get you parents to increase your allowance. Try and make yourself useful around the house by helping with mowing the lawn, or taking out the rubbish.

    Alternatively, you might want to help with medical research – I’m sure there would be many clinical researchers who would like to discover how someone with an I.Q. that can’t be accurately measured using analog instruments manages to breathe and type at the same time.

  8. Is there any analog or digital instrument to measure the power of the Reality Distortion Field or how deep a Maczealot’s head is in Jobs’ ass? Seeing dumbass Jobs bitches like MCCFR, must be ease to measure to obvious.

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