Leaked Apple ‘iPod video’ spy photos?

“This is supposedly a camphone shot of the mysterious, the elusive, the much-rumoured video iPod that may be announced as early as next week (grain of salt, disclaimer, yadda yadda). Make of this what you will, folks,” Engadget writes.

Image in the full article here.

Hey, we have images, too!

Oh, alright, we got the images above here: http://homepage.mac.com/grahambower/ipod_predictions.html

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  1. they just released the nano.
    and now a video ipod? that pisses me off as a new nano user. i just bought one thing and now they might come out with something bigger and better. apple is going to get burned in the long run, they are going to run out of ideas and push to many new products onto the market. they should wait until atleast mid-november for another release and that is still even to soon.
    they need to spread things out so when vista comes out they keep people interested in apple. even though an ipod has nothing to do with vista they still need to generate news. to much to soon. the resurgence of apple is headed to the fad category rrrrreal quick, i give it until after the mactel’s come out. then apple will be doneso 6 month to a year after.

  2. Read closely, folks. The picture on THIS page is a rendered image created weeks ago by some guy proposing what he thought a video iPod might look like. I posted here yesterday the link provided by MDN above. You’ve got to follow the other link above to view the purported camphone photo of the “real” video iPod.

  3. The control wheel on the nano is smaller than previous wheels. Rumours state that the nano wheel is used, so it would look proportionally smaller than normal on a regular size iPod. How do you think the gained room for a larger screen?

  4. said it once,

    You shouldn’t be pissed. Assuming the vPod is for real (which I doubt), it’s gonna be a lot bigger than the nano, and a lot more expensive. It’s gonna use a regular hard drive, not flash. It’s aimed at a different market segment. That’s like saying “I bought a Mac mini for $500, and then they updated their top-end desktops for $3000. Damn them, I say!”

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