PC Magazine review gives Apple’s .Mac 3 out of 5 stars

“.Mac has been a mixed bag since its introduction. It’s always been helpful, but never strong enough to make the $99.95 yearly fee a bargain. We’re impressed that Apple has never raised the price and that users can work seamlessly with their .Mac tools from within the OS and various iLife apps (for example, creating an online photo album from within iPhoto). But at the same time, .Mac still doesn’t feel essential or robust enough,” Troy Dreier writes for PC Magazine.

Among the “Pros” of .Mac, Drier writes, “1GB of online storage (up from 250MB). Groups tool for creating online shared spaces. Provides online access to e-mail, bookmarks, and contact info. Ties in with many Apple applications.” .Mac “Cons” according to Drier, “Backup tool no longer shows how much iDisk space is in use. Backup hides advanced controls. Suite no longer offers antivirus utility. Too little storage space.”

Drier gives .Mac and overall score of 3 out of 5 stars.

Full review here.

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  1. I just renewed my membership for the third year. Interesting enough, I would have had to pay $99.99 to renew with Apple, but for $78 I was able to buy .Mac from Amazon (with free shipping). Saved $22 just to have a registration code mailed to me in a box. Weird, but I’ll take the savings.

  2. There’s a long list of what .Mac could offer – greater speed, more integration, and more storage space heading the list – .Mac should at least offer what the free services (Yahoo!, Flickr, Google, etc.) do in terms of storage and speed.
    I’ve been a .Mac user since iTools, but every time I go to that painfully slow site I reconsider my subscription.
    Oh, and can I be forced to log in one more time? I don’t think three times in one session is quite enough…

  3. .Mac needs speed more than anything else. It seems to run slow. Also, Apple needs to release many more Homepage templates. I suggested that they hold a contest and give .Mac memberships (or renewals) away to the winners. Let the Mac community design templates for you. You can never have enough. Why have I had to use the same birthday template over and over. How about an assortment of templates for every occassion?

    Same goes for Tiger. Why hasn’t Apple added user icons and more desktops by default. I know yoou can add your own and I do, but many people just choose from what is included. Why have a Jaguar icon and not one for Panther or Tiger. Why have a basketball and no football. I know it’s rediculous, but it’s the attention to the little things that make a difference.

  4. It’s a much better deal now that Apple finally raised the storage to 1GB (which was about a year overdue IMO). I got it back in April at the Tiger launch event while the $69 promo price was in effect. If you can get it at Amazon or during a promo for a significant discount, it’s definitely worth buying .Mac, but not for the full $99.95 price tag.

  5. Backing up online makes so much sense to me, that itself is worth the .mac fee. 1GB storage space is small for backup, but if I limit the backup to critical files, it is sufficient. I sleep better knowing, even if fire distroys my house with all the computers and backup disks, I can get back my critical files.

  6. 3 out of 5 isn’t bad really. Especially from a PC magazine. It seems that they understand that a lot of people are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience, even if compared to getting the equivalent from disparate sources andhaving to deal with FTP etc, would be better for many advanced users.

    I’m happy to use it for convenience. Even though I could quite easily use cheaper alternatives, it’s just SO easy that I couldn’t face the hassle of the extra effort now.

  7. I tried the three months’ free subscription when I bought my G5 iMac. I didn’t renew it. I wouldn’t call the fee a rip, rather it’s just not worth it. Of all the Mac users I know only one uses it.

    It would be interesting to know what proportion of Mac users pay for the service. Are there any stats on the usage?

  8. I agree with his “con” regarding the BackUp. This is one Apple app i’ve had to scratch my head to figure out how to do certain things. The way i can summarize it: the app is all over the place 🙁

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