Analysts: Apple all but certain to introduce video iPod

“Apple Computer Inc. has e-mailed invitations to reporters for a special event next week, prompting speculation on the Internet that the company would unveil a long-rumored iPod that can display videos,” Duncan Martell reports for Reuters. “The invitation from Apple, which is notoriously tight-lipped about its future products, said simply: ‘One more thing…'” Apple declined to comment beyond the invitation.

Martell reports, “Many analysts have said Apple is all but certain to introduce a version of the No. 1 digital music player that can also play video. Most models of the current iPods, in addition to playing music, can also display photos and perform other functions with accessories that are sold separately. ‘There’s a whole generation coming up that doesn’t have a lot in their checking account but will some day, who think this is a cool idea,’ said Roger Kay, president of market research firm Endpoint Technology Associates, referring to a video iPod. ‘It would be a very Jobsian move to say it’s stupid and bring one out anyway,’ Kay said, referring to an iPod that plays video. Kay added that Apple would need to have wrapped up agreements with major studios and record labels over copyright protection and antipiracy technology similar to its FairPlay digital rights management software used in iPods and on its iTunes online music store.”

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  1. Why do they even bother trying to figure out what apple is up to? the only times they are right is when someone has actually leaked info to them.
    ANALysts are usually way off, just look at the spread of their iPodsales estimates ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I am bored of these Apple special event annoucements. If they have a produce to launch then just launch the thing without the tease! By the way, my money is on some iPod nano replacement screens … scratch resistant. 3 for $50.

  3. keith in tokyo – I sort of agree.

    I want a small tablet with a touch screen that makes use of inkwell – like NEWTON – but also provides that touch screen control of itunes and hifi systems/mac mini etc. either via Bluetooth or through the Airport/express etc.

    A video ipod is not going to be much better than a PSP with a 2GB memory stick and the PSP is less than $200 and plays games as well. So if its just a video ipod – for the number of times I’d use it, the truth is a ripped DVD to memory stick and or Sony UMDs with a PSP would still get my vote.

    If it is a new device its got to joint hifi & Computer & TV + PDA if its going to push the envelope of what’s out there already. Great design isn’t everything.

  4. Here’s my prediction:

    The invitation has theatre curtains in the background- so it’s something to do with movies. My guess is that it’ll be an 80GB iPod with a bigger screen- one that works in portait mode for menus and landscape mode for videos. (The scroll wheel will be smaller to make room) Initially you’ll be able to download music videos or view your own exported iMovies. After launch the demand will be for TV and movie content which will be added to iTunes, but in the meantime users will be able to rip their own purchased DVDs and save in a suitable H264 format for viewing on the iPod video.

  5. the PSP will never touch the iPod. Please. With that big beautiful screen and a … UMD reader insider.. the battery life is pathetic. Plus Sony has not really designed any respectable iTunes competitor to sync with PCs/Macs.. Furthermore.. Sony designed something with such a huge screen that, really, I cannot imagine too many people using the PSP as a music player.

    There really isn’t anything tremendous to say about PSP except.. the graphics are gorgeous, but.. um.. rehashed PS2 games and 2hrs of battery life? Yawn.

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