Analysts: Apple all but certain to introduce video iPod

“Apple Computer Inc. has e-mailed invitations to reporters for a special event next week, prompting speculation on the Internet that the company would unveil a long-rumored iPod that can display videos,” Duncan Martell reports for Reuters. “The invitation from Apple, which is notoriously tight-lipped about its future products, said simply: ‘One more thing…'” Apple declined to comment beyond the invitation.

Martell reports, “Many analysts have said Apple is all but certain to introduce a version of the No. 1 digital music player that can also play video. Most models of the current iPods, in addition to playing music, can also display photos and perform other functions with accessories that are sold separately. ‘There’s a whole generation coming up that doesn’t have a lot in their checking account but will some day, who think this is a cool idea,’ said Roger Kay, president of market research firm Endpoint Technology Associates, referring to a video iPod. ‘It would be a very Jobsian move to say it’s stupid and bring one out anyway,’ Kay said, referring to an iPod that plays video. Kay added that Apple would need to have wrapped up agreements with major studios and record labels over copyright protection and antipiracy technology similar to its FairPlay digital rights management software used in iPods and on its iTunes online music store.”

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  1. i’m hoping for a large screen attachement for current ipod’s, something that fits on the back of the ipod so you can still use the scroll wheel (cleverly mirrored on the large display that fades out after a few seconds ala apple’s own dvd player) who remembers that attachement that was prototyped a few months ago but got shut down? shut down for a reason

    or how about an ipod thats just an entire screen with the scroll wheel under it?

  2. Video iPod?! How totally useless and unimaginative; a completely non-Apple concept. No one watches video on-the-go.


    Steve could introduce the new Apple Media Store for streaming subscription video, purchased video and audio, as well as free video “Podcasts” of television broadcast programs.

    Then he’ll introduce an all new device to utilize this service…

    A HD compatible media device for the home with…
    • Blue-Ray compatible DVD-RW (saving video)
    • Tuner (with TiVo-like abilities)
    • Airport (streaming video/audio from iMac, also iMac data backup)
    • iPod universal dock for quick and easy transporting of video files and playing the iPod through the TV or stereo (that’s what the adapter is for in the nano box) …and you thought the 60Gb iPod was a waste of space.

    Steve has never failed to shock the industry and awe the public. A lame video iPod just isn’t Steve’s style. When will you creatively challenged people ever learn?

  3. I agree with others its an entirely new product and the curtains on the invite while they could just be suggesting a reveal on stage are most likely there very definately as a hint that its video related. Not necessarily iPod maybe home media device. However Scotty’s suggestion is equally compelling and certainly will be the way iPod will go, it has to despite the PSP’s existence or the latter and devices like it (how long before MS develops a handheld) will take over its market eventually.

    If the lager iPods can evolve into such a device gradually and maintain success while they do so then with the massive usage (potential and real) they may even be able to eventually compete in games too which in itself will spill over into Macs something that is vital if Macs seriously want to become the home media centre, which brings us full circle as to what will be announced.

  4. iPod SchmiPod…

    I want to see new PowerBooks and PowerMacs!!!
    The PowerBook is due for a refresh and I’m ready to buy!

    A VidiPod seems a pretty lame idea. Little TVs have been around forever and Little DVD players for years. A while back, there was a mini-NYC trend where the homeboyz would sit spreadeagled on the subway (as always) watching an action movie on a portable DVD system. That made me want to run out and buy one! I wondered why not spend a little more get a small laptop and have something useful?!?!

    I STILL think that an iBook is a great VidiPod!

    I could see a VidiPod connected to a TV or home theatre setup, but isn’t a DVD disk a perfectly acceptable medium? And a LOT cheaper?

    Whoever mentioned an Apple branded multi-media device that links hi-fi, TV, etc. and lets you download HD video and burn to your very own disk in your own livingroom or office probably is on to something. I LOVE the idea of an iPod-like remote control that’s MORE than a remote control, with Bluetooth, Wi-fi, the works!

  5. John ; if you are so tired of speculations and apples marketing why bother posting here ? = )

    I guess it has something to do with moviedownloads, and maybe a mediacenter-ish Mac Mini with wifi-to-TV …
    Mediacenter has been around for soooo long from Microsoft but has never gained any momentum in sales…guess it takes someone like Apple to do that, just as with mp3 players and musicdownloads…
    Anyway I very exited…but have learned to keep my expectations low…

  6. i hope the analyst are wrong as ususal. As much as I think a vPod woud be a sort of cool novelty, I tend to agree with what Jobs has siad along about about the practicality of watching movies that way. Frankly, I think the vPod idea is too small and unimaginative for a “one more thing” announcement. I will not venture a guess as to what it will be. I just hope Apple hasn’t copped out and comes up with something a little more spectacualar and “insanely great” as a just a white, Apple version of the PSP.

  7. Prediction: Totally out of blue. MS licenses iTune, Fairplay and QuickTime. WMA player will support these formats. The audio format war has ended. iTMS set to become the only legal music download service.

  8. I am not sure what is coming next week but I am of the opinion that an Intel based product will debut PRIOR TO the first Mac based computer system. Steve will hold true to his word that the first Mac system won’t appear before the middle of 2006-BUT I BELIEVE THAT THERE WILL BE A LEAD IN BEFORE THAT DATE THAT INVOLVES INTEL AND A NEW DIGITAL PRODUCT.

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