Dell laptop ads attempt to co-opt Apple’s Mac OS X

By SteveJack

Take a look at a currently-running Dell ad that MacDailyNews reader “Scotty” pointed out to us recently:

Note the not-so-subtle attempt to evoke the feeling of Apple’s Mac OS X out-of-the-box default desktop. Apple uses this “look” in all of their promotional materials, including PowerBooks. How much has Apple invested in promoting this “look,” so that Dell can paste a derivative of it onto the screens of their garbage laptops? Does Michael Dell really want Mac OS X so badly or does he just want to make his customers think he’s offering the world’s most advanced operating system when all he really has to offer is Microsoft’s Windows XP?

Exactly where is the level where shame is felt from these soulless Wintel creeps or have they just all passed the threshold so long ago that they’ve lost all concept of shame, disgrace, and embarrassment?

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

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  1. Soulless? That’s rather harsh now, isn’t it? Yeah the “wallpaper” on Dell machines have had a similar look to Mac OS X for some time now… but look at anything else good on the market, people emulate things that are popular or look good. Imitation is the highest form of flattery… calling any individual or group soulless is overly harsh in my opinion.

  2. I still find the namecalling distasteful and in the context used, in the same line as the word “creeps” – come on. We can be Mac fans while being above the schoolyard politics. I mean, really. Our platform is currently superior in just about every way and we’ve been spoiled with quality… it seems to me that’s enough. I don’t need to make myself feel better about my choice by bringing other people/companies down. Dell can have a nice OS X inspired desktop picture without us getting all worked up… I assure you… life will go on and the Mac will still be great.

  3. Get real, not everything is a copy of your precious Macs. Dell has used this wallpaper as the default for many years, prior to OS X in fact. It’s a stupid, generic desktop…GET OVER IT! It’s quite ugly anyway, what are you bragging about?

  4. Hey, a spade is a spade. And soulless rather aptly describes Dell. MDN can’t help it if it’s the truth. And thankfully MDN doesn’t play those silly politically correct games, they just call it like it is.


    Apple doesn’t seem to use Windows XP’s default fake rolling hills and sky pasted onto their machines to try to sell them. Why not?

    SJ’s “soulless creeps” to describe Wintel box assemblers and OS peddlers is so accurate it hurts.

  6. Actually I use a Mac every day and think OS X is awesome I’m just not an idiot fanboy that thinks every little thing is a Mac ripoff, especially something as stupid as wallpaper… My work buys Dells and they’re not that bad for cheap PCs, at home I have a couple Macs and a bunch of generics so I’ll use whatever works best. It must be sad to base your opinion on nothing but a logo…

  7. nothing to get worked up about. I have noticed that the PC industry has been aping Apple since 1984. I know its pathetic -but that is what you get if you are a follower and not a leader.

  8. It’s about what you can expect from DULL. Not really a big surprise considering Michael Dell’s infatuation with emulating Steve Jobs. What really bothers me is THIS WEB PAGE’s use of pop ups for “free iPod Nano” that osmehow eludes the block pop up setting in Safari.

  9. “Dell has used this wallpaper as the default for many years, prior to OS X in fact. “

    “In fact” means you have factual proof,right? Love to see it. Or did you mean to say, “maybe, but don’t know for sure, but it makes my argument sound better”?

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