Windows to Mac switchers: recommendations and Total Cost of Ownership analysis

“After 16 successful Mad as Hell rants with hundreds of comments and nationwide attention about my switch to Mac, I’ve developed these two tools to show the world that the switch is worth every penny and will save you plenty over a very short period of time,” Winn Schwartau writes for Security Awareness.

Schwartau writes, “These are my final Recommendations and Total Cost of Ownership Analysis for anyone in the world that wants to switch to a Mac. This is what I think you should do if you want to maximize a carefree and secure personal computer existence.”

Schwartau offers two document’s on his website:
• Part I: A pdf download Winn’s Recommendations: Includes “Top 10 Mac Security Benefits” and much more.
• Part II: An Excel spreadsheet Winn’s Total Cost of Ownership Analysis: “Just fill in the Yellow areas. Everything else is protected. Adjust the numbers to your heart’s content. Then make a better informed decision.”

Full article here.

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  1. good article….but i’m getting pop-unders. sorry to say that i will no longer be visiting this site. i refuse to deal with advertisers that bypass my preference to block there ads by this tactic.

  2. You too, Rob? Just got my third pop-under in a day. The irony of this latest one is that it says I’ve been chosen to receive a free laptop PC! MDN’s advertisers are going to give me a free PC!! Woohoo!

    MW=little, as in MDN is doing too little to deal with their pop-under problems.

  3. Formica, sorry but methinks you’ve been dipping into the crack jar.

    I get a new pop-under EVERY SINGLE TIME I visit MDN. Not “one per day.” You would only get “one per day” if you were stupid enough to leave that spyware page open all day so it could track your web surfing movements and analyze your interests and personality. Who the hell would do that? Oh sorry formica, I guess I know.

  4. rob,

    You may want to switch to Firefox. I get no pop-ups, pop-unders, or *any* ads for that matter (adblock and RIP). All I see on MDN is pure glorious text about Macs. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    MDN Magic Word: less – have less ad hassles with Firefox.

  5. Sum Jung Gai,

    1. A properly functioning computer that can handle basic cookies should not be receiving multiple pop-unders per day from MDN.
    2. Mine gets on per day. I have no problem with it.
    3. Don’t accuse me of doing crack because you can’t figure out why your computer is not functioning properly.

  6. I love my Mac but … what a load of bull that spreadsheet is! Why do you need to buy anti-spam for Wintel but not Mac? Why do you need to buy a firewall for Windows (it has one, and Zone Alarm – equivalent of Little Snitch – is free). Why do you need to buy a pop-up blocker (Firefox is free!). Why buy an additional email client (Outlook is fine, Thunderbird is better and free). Why buy backup – there are loads of free options. Why buy anti-spyware (Spybot is excellent and free). Why buy a TweakUI (it’s free!). Why buy a start-up manager – Windows is completely configurable here??? That, in itself wipes out any price difference. Then $25 per hour for my time? For a business, maybe, but at home?? My time is free – it’s my spare time. As regards reliability, my WindowsXP system is on 24/7 and has been for weeks and weeks. MacOS remains less reliable than WindowsXP in terms of needing reboots, although admitedly with Tiger there’s not much between the two – both are very reliable. My 1 yr old iMac has been repaired 4 times so far, resulting in days of unavailability (cost that at $25/hr) – I’ve never yet had to repair my PC.

    I use a Mac because it’s a nicer environment and the machine looks prettier. Not because its cheaper – it’s not.

  7. “and I’m supposed to know this why?” is a spectacularly silly defense for not knowing how your computer works. Figure it out, or ask nicely for help, and quit whining about your various inconveniences. Those of us who have done so will continue to enjoy MDN. And we’d also appreciate it if you’d refrain from such lovely troll-like phrases as “loser-boy”, which only serve to demonstrate your own lack of value as a contributor.

    Magic Word = “lack.” Seriously.

  8. Paul, the spread sheet comes with Winn’s personal numbers in it. You are supposed to replace them with your own. Go through it line by and plug in your own personal numbers and see what comes up.

    As for my time at home being free, yes it is, but the way I try to estimate the costs on that is to think how much I would pay someone to do the crap that I hate doing. How much would you pay? 10 dollars an hour? 5? 3? You must be willing to pay someone at least something to do something you do not enjoy doing right, even if it was only a dollar an hour?

    I tried plugging in 5 dollars an hour (I figured if I did not have to go through the chore of arranging for someone to come over and could magically pay some Computer Genie 5 bucks and have the problems or the chore go away I would pay that much to save my free time for enjoyment) and only bought office, Anti-Virus, and backup (backup for both windows and Mac). I put the reboots at 5 per month for windows and put them at 1 per month for the Mac based on personal experience. I left the time estimates as is because I thought they were pretty good. After all this, the MAXIMUM Cost for the Mac was still cheaper than the MINIMUM cost for the windoze box.

    And I am sorry but anecdotal data on repair times is meaningless. You would have to do a large sample population. And if you did I think you would find that the Mac wins out there too.

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