Palm goes to the dark side, next Treo to use Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

“Palm Inc. is teaming up with Microsoft Corp. to launch a Windows-based version of the Treo smart phone, marking the first time the handheld computer pioneer will sell a device based on its former rival’s software… The new device will run on Windows Mobile 5.0, the latest version of the operating system that has been challenging Palm OS for years,” Greg Sandoval reports for The Associated Press.

Sandoval reports, “The new Treo 700 will be offered through Verizon Wireless, according to market analyst Rob Enderle and other industry sources. ‘In terms of the level of importance, this would be in this space the same thing as Apple announcing they were going to be using Intel processors,’ Enderle said.”

Full article here.
As usual, Enderle gets it wrong. This would be like Apple announcing they were dropping Mac OS X for Windows XP.

If Palm was “the handheld computer pioneer,” what was Apple? See Newton.

BTW, Palm, you’re dead to us.


  1. Palm haters: please help me.

    O.K. I’m a hard core Mac user and a user of a Tungsten E. I HAVE to update info when I’m away, so just using a phone isn’t an option. I need a true PDA like the Palm.

    I use Palm Desktop software to manage my contacts, time, todo’s. I actually like it better than Apple’s iCal and Address Book. Just personal pref. No biggy.

    So what the shmuck do I do? The “Palm is dead” mentality is fine if you don’t use a PDA. But what about those of us who do?


    Gracias! -Joe

  2. The last good Palm… That is, the last time a Palm had a product that didn’t suck… was the last time they were called Palm, with the Palm V…

    Still, I found the darn thing silly, though I never did handheld “computers” in practice. They always sounded better in marketing descriptions.

    Even if Apple made such a device, and it worked as well as, or better than OS X, I doubt I would ever buy one. The iPod nano does all I care about, and does it simply and very well.

    Of course, I have a fancy camera-phone that gets used as just a phone, and nothing more.

  3. Joe Van Wyk,

    For contacts, calendar, to do’s, you might want to use an iPod, even if you’ll have to use iCal and Address Book. iPod nano supports Address Book and iCal on the Mac and Outlook or Outlook Express on Windows, plus vCalendar and vCard file support. iPod also syncs your to-do lists.

    My Palm is covered in dust since I realized my iPod does everything I used my Palm for previously.

  4. This is something Apple needs to consider. If the Mac platform becomes too isolated from cool third party devices and technologies it could make the Mac less attractive. Imagine if the iPod wasn’t an Apple product and only worked with Windows. If Treo like devices get really cool in the future but only sync with Windows-based PC’s it will give heartburn to even the most loyal Mac user. In a larger sense Mac people are just fans of cool tech, which Apple makes more readily than everyone else. However, in the future some of the coolest tech might be handheld devices Apple doesn’t want to make themselves (ie, cell phones, smart phones/PDAs, cameras, etc.)

  5. Aw, that’s sad. I really like Palm. The original Palms were great, and when they bought out Handspring, they made the Treo 600 & 650 really great devices. Phone, web (best mobile browser in town), music with removable media (take that, ROKR!), and with growing software support.

    And OODLES faster than the Windows mobile devices. PalmOS rules, Windows Mobile drools.

    Sad to see them go. MDN – don’t give up on them just yet. Maybe MS will flop with this device, and Palm will get back to business.

  6. Mismanagement of the decade.

    Palm splits up the hardware and software into two companies. The software company runs into some difficulties. All of Palm’s rivals see the weak and naked Palm OS there for the plucking, and swarm in to own it for themselves. Finally a Japanese software developer outbids them all and owns the Palm OS.

    The hardware division, seeing their Palm OS being tossed around like a cheap whore, has no choice but to sign onto the death star for further instructions.

    BTW, I love my Treo 650, and it works brilliantly with the Mac. All my software installs and syncs using my mac, and the Mac community will be worse off if there is no mac friendly mobile platform.

    Apple should have created Darwin mobile for Palm, if only to establish a foothold there.

    MW = “trouble” as in here is comes for Palm. They will now have to wait for Microsoft to try and innovate.

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