Pseudo Macworld Expo Boston euthanized

“IDG World Expo on Friday said they have cancelled Macworld Expo Boston and will instead focus their efforts on a single conference and expo in San Francisco. The event, which has been a mainstay of East Coast conferences for almost 20 years, has been axed just two years after returning to Boston from New York City,” Jim Dalrymple reports for MacCentral.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cancelled? Euthanized is more like it. For some time now, the only real MacWorld Expo takes place once per year in San Francisco, CA. Furthermore, the East coast exercise in futility gave the wrong impression that Macs are unpopular and that nobody attends Macworld Expos. As we suggested back in July, “Change the name or put the thing out of its misery.” We’re glad they took the latter route.

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  1. Explain this to me:

    “The event, which has been a mainstay of East Coast conferences for almost 20 years, has been axed just two years after returning to Boston from New York City,”

    How can MacWorld Boston have been a mainstay for 20 years if it just moved to Boston from NYC two years ago??

  2. It’s still great to see MDN promoting events, even when their savior isn’t in attendance. I’m glad to hear you berating the folks that didn’t support the expo, and encouraging them and their companies and brands-of-choice to attend additional conventions to show their support for the company at the center of your universe, not just it’s almighty creator.

    You are doing a tremendous service to us all by not giving up on… wait… what? oh, you’re not? oops… sorry… damn

    jackasses.. I’m surprised you didn’t give up on Apple 20 years ago when they were losing the OS battle to M$ in their own “exercise in futility [that] gave the wrong impression that Macs are unpopular and [needed to be] put out of its misery”

  3. Because it was in NY before

    Steve Jobs said Apple won’t attend if they moved it to Boston.

    Guess it was a matter of numbers, NYC was getting too expensive.

    Or IDG was too powerful and Steve didn’t feel he needed it.

    Have to admit there has been quite a bit of shakeup going at Apple and it’s relationships/partnerships with other companies.

    I do admit one thing, MacWorld is a slick professional Mac Mag that has been there all this time, it’s the one I leave on coffee tables and waiting rooms for people to see.

    Although a lot of computer mags have disappeared off newstand shelves over the years.

    The one I always still see is


    It’s about a inch thick and costs near $10

    hahahahaha stupid Win users

    Friends don’t let friends use Microsoft Software.

    (this means you, you OfficeMac sellout)

  4. Yea MDN relax,

    Yes MacWorld Boston was a bad move by IDG, but IDG helped Apple for many years.

    It’s all part of the previous CEO decisions and effects that almost ruined Apple, nothing that Steve did. The damage was done in IDG’s mind already, they forsaw defeat of Apple and made their cost saving move.

    Steve Jobs on the other hand KNEW what laid in the future, and since has shown so.

    I think IDG might have been getting a kick back from previous CEO’s to keep the Expo in NYC due to volume, Steve Jobs didn’t go for that so IDG moved it to Boston as a “last chance to change your mind”

    The Expo didn’t have to die, it was MADE to die. By a matter of money perhaps.

    It’s not really needed, but if it was back in NYC where it belongs it would be better for Apple.

    Maybe now that the Expo is dead Apple will do something themselves in NYC?

  5. Since when was OfficeMac a sellout to the M$ devil Macdude?

    That would make more sense if Office was on Windows first and not the Mac is the case, Mac in 84 Windows in 89.

    I still find many Windows users thinking that the Mac doesn’t have Word nor Office for it and when they find out that the Mac does it comes as a revelation including being able to open documents on either OS.

    Also bare in mind Office is a good selling point to helping M$ prisoners gain computing freedom and continue to use something familiar to allow the process of adjusting that much easier when making their switch.

    Maybe that is the plan for Pages and Keynote, once a certain level of market share is gained by Apple it could be bye bye Office, who knows?

    I just hope so.

  6. I give credit to IDG for not bailing on Boston like Apple did. Boston will always be where it all started. Some people honor tradition and believe in making commitments to businesses and communities. What if everyone on the East coast shunned West coast shows? Does not make sense to me. If you have a ton of customers on the East coast should you not have a show there? If I were Apple, I would take advantage of every opportunity to evangelize the Mac. Riding the on the coat tails of the iPod will only take them so far.

  7. Aple could organise something on a similar line as they do with the Paris Expo starting this Tuesday 20th September.

    That is hire an exhibition company to plan and organise the event in New York, which is where Apple wanted to hold a show.

    With Expo Paris, Apple hired Reed Exhibitions to manage the event.

    Okay it will not be Macworld Expo, New York but Apple Expo New York.

    Does that make sense?

    Catch the latest news from Paris on Your Mac Life, bare in mind there is not going to be a Keynote by Jobs instead there is to be a Q&A session. Q&A’s seems to be the mode d’emploi for exhibitions in Europe instead of Keynotes by the company CEO.

  8. Just put it in NY and you get another Jobs Keynote every year.
    Apple clearly doesn’t want to be involved with a Boston event, and in turn neither did anyone else.

    Work out the costs somehow, put it in NY, get the job done.

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