Depeche Mode fans get ticket priority via Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“In a first for the download industry, Depeche Mode fans who preorder the upcoming Sire/Reprise album from iTunes will get priority access to buy tickets from Ticketmaster for the band’s tour this winter,” Chris Marlowe reports for The Hollywood Reporter.

“Apple’s iTunes Music Store began accepting orders for ‘Playing the Angel’ on Tuesday. During the promotional campaign, which runs through Sept. 26, these customers receive a password that gives them access to up to four priority-seating tickets from for dates on Depeche Mode’s 2005 North American tour. These tickets may be purchased beginning Sept. 20, four days before sales open to the general public… This is the first time digital downloads have been involved in this type of promotion,” Marlowe reports.

Click for Depeche Mode at Apple’s iTunes Music Store.
Another first for Apple.


  1. Too bad my work account doesn’t let me access the Music Store. I LOVE DM. If they ever need a sub for Dave Gahan, they need to call me. Seriously, I get compared to him vocally all the time ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. “MacDailyNews Take: Another first for Apple.”

    My take: Another way for big business to penalize you and I for prefering physical CDs instead of digital media.

    I’m one of the biggest dM geeks I know (which isn’t saying much, considering my small group of friends), but even I would rather have the upcoming CD&DVD; than the digital tracks.

  3. My take: Another way for big business to penalize you and I for prefering physical CDs instead of digital media.

    So when Honda offers a good APR, I’m being penalized for preferring to buy American cars?

    Of course, I remember being penalized for preferring Coke to Pepsi. For some reason, I never won a free song from iTunes.

    It’s called a promotion. You don’t like Pepsi, you don’t like iTMS – you don’t benefit.

  4. Regardless of the oft-complaining masses on the less than stellar bit rate or whether or not you like Depeche Mode, one has to question Ticketmaster.

    Ticketmaster is EVIL, people. They are evil because they charge an exorbitant amount of money for BS fees. For instance, if you order your tickets via email, they charge you a convenience charge. What? It should be just the cost of the ticket! Not only that, but the prices of their fees have gone up steadily over the past few years.

    I’m not against Apple doing this, but I think that in the future they should promote other ticket venues, too.

    Competition is GOOD, especially in this instance, where if someone wanted to, they could really build a better company and experience for buying concert tickets. Apple should do this. You heard it here folks.

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