Report: Apple iPod nano sales fall short? Black outsells white by large margin? [Updated]

“First week sales of Apple’s new shockingly thin iPod nano have fallen short of expectations, with most Apple retail stores having sold only one-fourth of their initial inventory of the players, AppleInsider has learned. A couple of Apple retail stores in California, which last week received over 1400 iPod nanos, said they sold only a couple of hundred units by Saturday. This despite favorable reviews from both analysts and the media,” AppleInsider reports.

Black iPod nano units “‘are outselling the white ones by a great deal,’ Shaw Wu, an analyst for American Technology Research, wrote in a research note released to clients on Tuesday. ‘5 to 1 and in some cases as high as 8 to 1.’ Coincidentally, these sales ratios completely contrast Apple’s initial production ratios of the nano, which reports suggest were 1 black nano for every 5 to 8 white nanos,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.

“Mr. Wu wrote, cautioning ‘iPod nano has only started shipping since Sept. 7, and thus it may be difficult to draw a trend with only six days of data,'” The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal reports.

Full article here.

[UPDATED 12:56pm ET: Added quote from Wu via Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.]

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As Apple Store affiliates, MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews, without revealing actual figures, can report that the iPod nano is, by far, the most successful product we’ve ever featured on our websites in terms of units sold based on five days of sales (9/8-9/12). Perhaps people were/are unsure of retail availability and are buying online during the first week? To us, reports based on less than a week of data seem a bit premature and specious to determine the extent of iPod nano’s success. Everything we see from iPod nano at this extremely early date screams “grand slam” to us.

We have no way of telling whether black or white iPod nano units are selling better via our websites, but anecdotal information we’ve heard from other sources, suggests that black is easily the most popular iPod nano color.

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  1. wow…first week numbers already. And a whole DAY BEFORE the first week sales are over!!!!

    these analysts are amazing. Give it a while…not everyone watches Apple as closely as we do. Let the commercials sink in.

  2. This “research note” is crap….typical for this Wu guy.

    I visited 2 Apple stores and they were selling Nano’s like crazy. Instead of being impressed that Apple has so much supply already at the sales points (unlike the few hundred pieces it had for the shuffle and mini launches) he is already suggesting price discounts.

    My advice to everyone…do your own research. These “analysts” are hacks, unlike the old days when they actually had access to real insight.

    Once again they will surprised (disappointed) by record sales.

  3. Maybe it’s because, despite the Nano’s amazing design, its price point targets it at Mac fanatics/early adopters, most of whom probably already have iPods.

    I just bought a 20GB iPod three months ago. I’d love a Nano, but just can’t justify it.

  4. 1) I got mine at Apple Store in King of Prussia on Saturday. They had been getting hammered with people coming in for them.

    2) They had a TON of white in both sizes and had already sold out of black 4 GB ones. So I bought a black 2 GB.

    3) The report may be accurate as to the stores themselves–the store I went to was certainly overstocked with white players and it is not hard to imagine that people wanting 4 GB blacks either went home and ordered them online, or figured they pick them up next time.

  5. The drop in capacity from the mini may turn a few people off – especially those that already own minis and don’t see the size difference as an adequate reason to become iPod adders, given the price. On the other hand, there may actually be a boost in final mini sales for the same reason – get more capacity while you still can.

    btw, i would have called it the ‘micro’ and saved ‘nano’ for the next size drop. will the next one have to be called the iPod angstrom?

  6. Had the store received less and sold out they’d say Apple was in trouble because they couldn’t meet demand.

    Black is the new white but I’m fine with my 3g 30gb iPod. But, if they introduced an orange iPod nano my credit card would be out quickly.

  7. I can’t believe the statement re: Apple’s production ratio of “1 black nano for every 5 to 8 white nanos.” People have been clamoring for black iPods ever since Apple made that backlit iPod ad (that made the white iPod appear black to many.) I think that this a lot of folks purchased the U2 iPod for this reason (and not for their love of U2 per se.) This is even more true since Apple adjusted the pricing (making the 20G iPod U2 only $20 more than the regular 20G iPod.)

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