Apple debuts iPod nano, iTunes 5: how are Microsoft, Napster, Real, Creative, Sony feeling today?

“Everybody likes to predict that Apple’s incredible roll in the audio business will come to an end. Everybody likes to say that the iTunes Music Store’s 99-cent tracks won’t be able to compete with subscription services forever,” Harry McCracken writes for PC World. “Everybody likes to theorize that the music industry will conspire to crush Apple. Everybody might be right in the long run, but I suspect that a signficant percentage of the real everybody that matters–the people who buy audio players–are going to gravitate to the Nano simply because it’s so slick and so different from what Apple’s competitors have. (Side note: If you’re Microsoft, Napster, Real, Creative, Sony, Samsung, or one of scads of other companies that compete with iPod and iTunes, how are you feeling today?)”

“The Nano will shake up the market in multiple ways. All of a sudden, a high-end flash player with a gig of memory doesn’t look very high end. And mid-sized drive-based players that seemed sleek look a bit chunky,” McCracken writes. “But the Nano’s a more expensive player per gigabyte than the iPod mini, at least for now: $249 bought you a 6GB mini, while the Nano maxes out at 4GB for the same price. The iPod mini’s quoted battery life is better (18 hours versus 14 for the Nano… but maybe its lower battery life is due to a smaller battery). And it’s possible there’s such a thing as being too small–a PCW colleague who tried the Nano’s click wheel wondered if a wheel that small may turn out to be harder to use.”

McCracken writes, “Will the Nano have this category all to itself for Holiday 2005? Apple rivals had some warning a product sort of like this was on its way, but even they may have been surprised by how big a departure the Nano is from the Mini. Betcha that some are embarking on rush projects even as we speak.”

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Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.
We bet chairs are flying and f bombs are being dropped, even outside of Redmond.

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  1. How are Microsoft, Napster, Real, Creative, Sony feeling today?

    Microsoft – After watching the Apple video of the Sept 7th event, Bill Gates said “We were f–cked by Apple” and Steve Ballmer threw a chair.

    Napster – After watching the Apple video a conference was made to discusss ways to motivate the music labels to force Apple to increase iTMS prices to save their buisness.

    Real – After watching the Apple video and downloading iTunes 5, they realized their hacked “Fairplay” scheme to get their DRM music on a iPod was broken. They are asking DVDJon for help again.

    Creative – After watching the same Apple video, called in their lawyers to discuss how to revise their patent lawsuit to cover the iPod Nano, the lawyers warned them they would also be taking on Cingular and Motorolla. Creative is reconsidering it’s position.

    Sony – After watching the Apple video, cancelled a multi-billion yen project to copy the iPod Mini and is considering dropping their music from the rest of the iTMS stores. The only problem is all their artists are defecting and signing up with Apple directly.

  2. “The Ginza store in Japan sold out of black before 3:00…”

    I read many, many years ago that white is a funeral color in Japan. I know that the iPod has been available in various colors, but considering that white is practically Apple’s corporate color, maybe that is why Apple has had some issues in Japan. Maybe releasing the iPod nano in black was more of a recognition of Japanese culture, rather than just to look “cool.”

    Which brings me to something else. Is there a “Goth” movement in Japan? If white is a funeral color in Japan, would Japanese “Goths” wear white clothes, nails and lipstick and bleach their hair? Just curious.

  3. i think apple determined that 4GB and 14-15 hours of battery life is the threshold after which people would prefer it to be smaller and lighter. i’d pay more if it’s smaller, but i wouldn’t pay more for a 50 hour battery or for 6GB.

    creative and sony could also learn from how apple keeps its product line and price points simple. apple killed the mini even though they could’ve kept selling it alongside the nano, for those who want the attributes of the mini. just so people won’t be confused by having too many choices.

  4. I just read on “”, “” and on “” that Michael Dell has just announced a big media event for Oct. 7, 2005. Word is he is set to announce a new Dell iPOD Nano killer!

    Stay tune…

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