Genuine iPod mini killer: Apple’s new ultra-thin iPod nano steals the show

“Despite the hype in recent days about its iTunes-enabled cell phone called the Rokr, Apple Computer introduced a new ultra-thin iPod on Wednesday that stole the show,” Therese Poletti reports for Knight Ridder. “At a press conference Wednesday in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a widely anticipated iTunes cell phone with Motorola and Cingular Wireless. Chief Executive Steve Jobs then upstaged the iTunes phone with a super-thin digital music player, a 1.5 ounce device called the iPod nano.”

Poletti reports, “Jobs said that the iPod nano will replace the iPod mini, and predicted that it will eventually succeed the mini as Apple’s best-selling digital music player. ‘Everyone in the store is asking ‘Where is the nano?” said Andrew Smith, a Macintosh sales specialist at Apple’s San Francisco store near Union Square. ‘They will be here starting tomorrow.’ Joel Wagonfeld, an analyst at First Albany, raised his fourth quarter earnings estimates on Apple, saying he expects higher revenues, in part due to new product sales, including new iPods.” [Note: First Albany’s target price on Apple (APPL) has been raised from $48 to $53.]

Poletti reports, “Some analysts noted that consumers are not clamoring to listen to music on their cell phones. Forrester Research said one of its recent studies showed that only 13 percent of online consumers ages 12 to 17 were interested in such a feature, and 78 percent of online consumers older than 18 had no interest in using their cell phone to play audio tracks.”

Full article here.

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  1. How many stories are there going to be about the same thing, doent provide any extra information/angle. Are all these people just copying each other?

    I still think they should have made it bigger with a bigger, longer life battery


  2. ToonaNo, I hope you know that every single time apple updates the iPod you don’t have to buy one! I mean it’s not right for you but why complain on every article about how it’s too much naNo for you? I would never waste so much time on a product that didn’t interest me, but hey dat’s just me.

  3. samsung has already stated that apple has bought 40% of it’s flash drives, i doubt apple will have supply problems (at least i hope so). i like to think of the supply problem as part of apples charm: buy it now get it 3 months later love it forever.

  4. I just bought the 4gig black one.

    don’t need it. many aspects of the mini are better for my needs.

    but it is simply too cool for words, so what the hell. I just wish I didn’t sell half of my Apple stock a couple of months ago 🙁

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