Apple announces Motorola ROKR iTunes phone, Cingular partnership, iTunes 5

Steve Jobs, at the Apple press event in San Francisco today, talked to Madonna in London via iChat AV. Madonna has put all of her albums and songs on iTunes, which she had resisted until now, Jobs said.

Jobs also announced iTunes-enabled Rokr cell phone made by Motorola. The phone can hold 100 songs and has two speakers. “The way we think of this phone is it’s really an iPod Shuffle right on your phone,” Jobs said. The phone will be in U.S. stores this weekend. Cingular will be the U.S. carrier for the iTunes phone.

Jobs also announced iTunes 5 with new features such as nested playlists, automatic sync of calendar and contact info with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, parental controls for explicit content and more.

More complete reports on the way…

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  1. I think Apple did this phone release and the iPod nano release for one reason – massive hype over the phone leads people to the main website, from the BBC “breaking news” page and so on, and they drool over and buy the iPod nano…

    The phone is so-so at best.


  2. About the phone. I like the idea of taping the nano to my current phone. LOL. Good one JohnE. Anyways, it is just a phone that gives you a hundred songs…probably keeps you from wearing out the battery. I’ll keep my phone and my iPod. I like my phone to be a good phone and I want my iPod to be my iPod.

    The Nano is soooooo cool. I have a woody.

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