Creative explores new way to beat Apple iPod: patent litigation

“While it struggles to compete with Apple in the marketplace, Creative is exploring a new avenue for dethroning the digital music king: patent litigation. Creative announced Tuesday it had been granted a patent covering the user interface for portable media players, including the iPod,” Nate Mook reports for BetaNews. “Specifically, the patent involves the method for selecting at least one track on a portable player as a user sequentially browses through a hierarchy of three or more screens on the display. For example, the patent would cover a user navigating from an artist, to a list of albums, to a list of songs on an album.”

“The so-called ‘Zen Patent’ was filed on January 5, 2001 and awarded August 9, 2005. The interface referenced in the patent was used in Creative’s NOMAD Jukebox, which debuted in September 2000. Creative points out that the iPod did not ship for another 13 months,” Mook reports. “Although Creative did not say whether it planned to ask Apple to license the Zen Patent and pay a fee for each iPod sold, company CEO Sim Wong Hoo hinted that Creative would protect its work. ‘Before this invention, there was no intuitive and efficient way to deal with the large number of tracks that could be stored on a high-capacity player,’ noted Hoo. Hoo also took the time to point out that Apple’s patent application for the iPod interface was not filed until October 28, 2002.”

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The following is a press release from Creative Technology Ltd.:
Singapore – August 30, 2005 – Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent 6,928,433, which Creative is referring to as the “Zen Patent.”

The Zen Patent was awarded to Creative for its invention of the user interface for portable media players, including many of the Creative Zen and NOMAD Jukebox MP3 players, and found in some competing players, such as the Apple iPod and iPod mini.

The Zen Patent covers the user interface that enables users of portable media players to efficiently and intuitively navigate among and select tracks on the players. Creative applied for the Zen Patent on January 5, 2001 and it was awarded on August 9, 2005.

Creative’s invention for the user interface for portable media players enables selection of at least one track in a portable media player as a user sequentially navigates through a hierarchy using three or more successive screens on the display of the player. One example would be the sequence of screens that could display artists, then albums, and then tracks. When the user selects an artist, the player displays a list of albums for that artist. Selection of one of the listed albums then displays a list of tracks on the album.

“The user interface covered by the Zen Patent was invented by Creative research and development engineers in our Advanced Technology Center in Scotts Valley, California,” said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative.

“The first portable media player based upon the user interface covered in our Zen Patent was our NOMAD Jukebox MP3 player. We shipped the NOMAD Jukebox to U.S. retail customers in September of 2000, and by November of 2000, it was already ranked as the top revenue-generating product in the U.S. in the digital audio player category, according to PC Data.

“By January of 2001, we announced that we had already sold 100,000 NOMAD Jukeboxes. The Apple iPod was only announced in October 2001, 13 months after we had been shipping the NOMAD Jukebox based upon the user interface covered by our Zen Patent.” “I am very excited that we were awarded the Zen Patent, which helps to protect our invention and recognizes our innovation in portable media players,” said Sim.

“After a major investment of time and effort by a group of our research and development engineers, we developed a way for a user to efficiently and intuitively navigate and select tracks from a significant number of tracks stored on a player. Before this invention, there was no intuitive and efficient way to deal with the large number of tracks that could be stored on a highcapacity player.”

“There has been press coverage recently regarding the rejection of Apple’s patent application, published as Pub. No. U.S. 2004/0055446 for a user interface in a multimedia player. This Apple patent application was filed on October 28, 2002. A related provisional application was filed by Apple on July 30, 2002, eighteen months after our filing date for the Zen Patent and over twenty months after our NOMAD Jukebox based upon our user interface was on the market,” added Sim.

“We continue to innovate in digital media players with the introduction of the Zen Vision, which adds high-quality video playback to its MP3 music and digital photo viewing features.

The Zen Vision, as well as the upcoming Zen Micro Photo with a color OLED screen and many more new products, will be based upon the user interface covered by the Zen Patent,” noted Sim.

United States Patent #6,928,433 here.
Can’t compete? Litigate. Sim’s mention of press coverage of Apple’s “patent rejection” in his press release reads like a threat to us. Creative Technology’s market cap is currently US$667.73 million. Apple Computer’s market cap is currently $38.64 billion. Apple has approximately $9.3 billion in liquid assets on hand and is a debt-free company. Could Apple simply buy Creative?

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  1. “I invented the idea of pressing buttons to make things work, back in 1932.”

    Yeah well, I patented the finger, so anyone who uses their finger to control their iPod owes me a royalty. However feel free to use other appendages.

    MW ‘cars’. Pixars next films is called Cars.

  2. Not sure how they are able to get a patent on what amounts to heirarchial menu browsing. This has been around for a long time. Making it specific to a particualr category (music selection) seems a bit far fetched.

    MW ‘little’ as in Creative will only be around for a little while longer.

  3. Apple buy Creative, smart move? No, but it would allow Apple to not worry about their crap with the patent. Maybe Apple could buy the patent for a couple billion and shut Creative up, and allow them to use the patent royalty-free. Apple becomes the patent holder.

  4. hammer, we have been here before I think. We all know you invented the finger, but I invented the hand, without which the finger would be useless.

    Please get your facts straight before you waste another $5 using your finger (my royalty fee for hand invention).

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