Ambrosia’s free ‘EasyEnvelopes’ Mac OS X Dashboard Widget released

EasyEnvelopes is a Mac OS X Tiger widget for Dashboard, so it is instantly available no matter what application you are using. Since EasyEnvelopes integrates with your Address Book, you can quickly and easily address an envelope to a friend or business contact. Just type a few letters in their name, select the proper address from the list of matches, and away you go. EasyEnvelopes also lets you paste in an address to print, and will even automatically detect when you have an address on the clipboard.

EasyEnvelopes supports printing on any size envelope, just click on the Print stamp, and a perfectly formatted envelope will emerge from your printer seconds later. EasyEnvelopes even supports printing on both the front and back of an envelope, allowing you to put the return address on the back for an added touch of class.

EasyEnvelopes allows you to create picture-perfect envelopes every time. You can use whatever typefaces you choose for your mailing and return addresses, control the color of the text, and even use a graphic for a return address for just the right look. EasyEnvelopes also will optionally print USPS postal bar codes for both 5 digit and 9 digit zip codes.

EasyEnvelopes was designed to be internationally friendly from the get-go. The localization system is flexible enough to handle the specific requirements of any country’s postal system and aesthetic. EasyEnvelopes ships with a number of localizations (English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese), and there will be more available in the future as well!

Smile and enjoy it. EasyEnvelopes is completely free, brought to you by the coding boffins at Ambrosia Software, Inc.

More info and download link here.


  1. Damm MDN, this thing has been out a week already.

    I think my bot is better than your bot.

    Wanna bot bots?

    Wait, it won’t be fair. My bot doesn’t go outside Mac related sites.

    It especially avoids sites that require bloodsucking registration.

    I see the ads fine, do I actually need to register, get spam and finally have to pay for view too?

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