VZAccess for Apple Mac OS X released for Kyocera KPC650 EVDO card (wireless broadband for PowerBook)

VZAccess for Macintosh for Kyocera KPC650 is now available. The software installs as an application, and brings full EVDO functionality to Mac OS X. EVDO or Evolution Data Only is a fast (average download speeds 400K – 700K) wireless broadband access (3G) without needing a WiFi hotspot. You are the hotspot. You can have fast internet access, anywhere. For example, get high speed internet access in a car, train, clients, anywhere you can open your laptop.

Functions include:

• Signal Strength Indicator
• Network type used (BroadbandAccess vs. NationalAccess)
• Card Activation

In order to set up VZAccess Manager, you will need the following minimum system requirements:

• PowerMac G3 or newer
• Mac OS X 10.3.2 or later
• Supported wireless device
• PowerBook with PC Card slot
• Verizon Wireless wireless data service

EVDOinfo.com reports, “The software is very similar to the Windows version of VZAccess. They are written by the same company (Smith Micro). Also, this software appears to be an updated version of the Mobile QuickLink (as determined by poking around within the program and seeing items you normally wouldn’t see. At first glance, the only thing missing from the Windows version, is the ability to do text messaging and the integration of text messaging. This probably will not be a problem, since 99% of BroadbandAccess users do not use text messaging (they use their phone for text messaging), plus it costs extra per month ($5 – $15) to do text messaging.”

“The only other thing missing from the Windows version, is compression. On Windows this is accomplished via the Venturi software. Sometimes the Venturi would get in the way with VPN, Sending email, or other things, so not having this, isn’t a big deal,” EVDOinfo.com reports. “To stress test this new software, we ran a modified version of our Dormant Killer app and simulated heavy use and the KPC660 and our PowerBook 15 inch was connected for 8 hours and never lost the connections.”

“VZAccess for Mac for KPC650 is great news for the Mac community. We expect OTHER choices to appear for Mac users over the next few months as well. Look for a future Mac OS X update to support additional cards on both Verizon & Sprint’s EVDO network,” EVDOinfo.com reports.

Full review and download link here.

Mac OS X + EVDO tips from EVDOinfo.com here.

[UPDATE 9:38am ET: Added brief EVDO description.]


  1. Please note that this is only useful for people who subscribe to Verizon Wireless’ National Broadband Access (for high-speed, certain major metro areas) and Verizon Wireless’ Internet Access (slow-speeed, in the hinterlands) and who own a Powerbook (as no other Mac has the required PC Card slot).

    BriAnimations: This is the software to drive the PC Card for the service I mentioned that has been available for Windows users for 15 months now.

    I can finally subscribe to this service. Yeah.

    MDN Magic Word: GOOD <– Yes

  2. Mac users have had this capability with the PC5220 card for the last 15 months, and MANY PowerBook users have been using it. The PC5220 is no longer available. This software, allows PowerBook users to use one of the newest BroadbandAccess cards, the Kyocera KPC650.

  3. There will be an option for iBook & PowerBook 12 towards the end of September, it is called the Kyocera KR1 router. Insert the EVDO card in a $200 router, and it shares the connection over Airport.

    Also, there are different USB EVDO modem solutions that should be available by the end of the year.

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