Motorola’s Apple iTunes phone gets FCC approval

“Rumors about a Motorola phone which could play iTunes have been floating around for a long time. We’ve already showed you some of the first pictures of the device, and we knew that it would be based on the popular E398 model, but will be in white housing and will be sold as Motorola E790. It will still feature the same display, design, camera and as the E398, but will have a new music key on its front. Motorola didn’t announced it officially, but since the device got FCC approval we at least know for sure that is exists and its User Manual confirms that it is an iTunes phone! Another new thing about the E790 is that it will be a quad-band GSM phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), featuring both European 900/1800 MHz and US 850/1900 MHz bands and it will work on every GSM network. The manual also mentions EDGE indicator, allowing us to speculate that the E790 (unlike the E398) might even be EDGE capable,” reports.

More info and photos of the phone, iTunes interface and iTunes manual here.

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  1. you have to be joking…

    If the Maunal is correct, it is too complicated to be successful.

    No autosyncing. You have to drag and drop the songs into the memory card in the phone?

  2. No quad band doesn’t mand ‘any’ network. It does mean that the chance of you getting a provider is greater than with out it. Plus you get the benifit of being able to travel around the world, and just replace the sim card in other countries for local and long distance calls.

  3. coughcoughvaporphonecough

    Just check the newspapers for news of a mass death, because whatever room this phone is due to be released at will just be a room full of dead people who breathed in the poison vapors surrounding this product.

    MDN Magic Word: “million” as in there is a 1 in a million chance this phone will ever be released.

  4. It won’t work for all the carriers in the US. Most still use other standards than GSM. They all used to say how inferior GSM was to their standard. Each Carrrier had their own system. This way you could not take one phone and switch to another system.


    are still being used.

    GSM carriers in the US are T-Mobile and Cingular (they have almost switched over). ATT wireless was bought by Cingular.

    I would not be surprised if you have to physically connect the phone to the computer or go over Cingular’s network to acccess your computer. They prevent BT on their phones to connect directly to your computer. Only if you buy a phone directly from Siemens, Nokia, or motorola without Cingular’s discount, can you get a fully functional phone.

    So that means Verizon won’t carry it unless 1) they make a CDMA version and 2) BT is blocked from connecting with computers.

  5. It just doesn’t seem very iTunes worthy to me. This seems more like speculation. I’ll wait until a ‘real’ announcement before I worry about it. I’d like one, and I hope that if Sprint really isn’t going to carry it that it proves to be worth me switching away at contract expiration time.

  6. AL, I think you got it mixed up. Cingular does not cripple their BT phones. Neither does T-mobile. I used a T68i w/ T-mobile and its BT was fully functional. Same as my current T637 from AT&T/Cingular. The only carriers (AFAIK) that cripples BT functionality in the US are Verizon and Sprint.

  7. Typical Apple simplicity. It’s so plainly straightforward, one might wonder how they’ll ever manage create a significant announcement event around it.

    But you know they will. heh. Bet that new phone will just work like a champion.

  8. Thanks AL

    We use Verizon at the moment. Your comments about BT functionality are interesting. The missus wants to get a Treo so that a. She has a phone, b. it has a PDA functionality and c. it sync to her PB which has BT built in.

    c. is kinda important. Do you think the Treo that Verizon sells are crippled for BT use.

    I do not like the way US carriers operate. They try and lock you in however they can. If Verizon start playing around with me like that, they I’m off to another carrier. Our contract ends in April so unless the Treo works fully ir sayonara Verizon.

  9. PT,

    If you buy a GSM phone from Cingular, it is locked to Cingular. It cannot be used on another carrier by simply swapping SIM cards. The ROKR is a prime example. I travel a lot and it is cheaper for me to get a prepaid SIM card for the country I am in than use a US based account. I can do that with any phone I purchase directly from the manufacturer. i.e. PAY FULL AMOUNT. Not a discounted amount with a 2 year contract. I have several Motorolas and Siemens phones which work great.

    I tried other phones from a variety of vendors. They all want to make as much money as possible. They rather have you use their network than allow you to use your computers. Some are blatant, and some are subtle. You can connect via BT with some phones, but you cannot surf the web via your home computer on a phone bought from a carrier while you can surf the web via BT from an identical phone bought from the manufacturer.

    The phone manufacuter do not care what you do with the phone, the carriers tell the manufacturer what features they will allow.

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