Apple leads all computer makers in web traffic for July; iTMS traffic increased 13-percent

comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of consumer activity at the top online properties and categories. In July, consumers were drawn to the Web by historic events such as the Discovery Space Shuttle launch and Lance Armstrong’s record-setting ride to a seventh Tour de France victory.

“Through the integration of video and other rich media into Web content, audiences can increasingly interact with world events, rather than just sitting back and watching,” noted Peter Daboll, president and CEO of comScore Media Metrix.

With the nation anticipating the first shuttle mission since the February 2003 Columbia disaster, NASA.GOV shared the title as the Internet’s highest-gaining property in July 2005 as traffic increased 60 percent. More than 4 million people visited NASA.GOV in July, as the site featured special “Return To Flight” content with video, images and reports spanning topics such
as crew biographies, shuttle design and assembly, and the entire flight process including the July 26 launch of Discovery.

The popularity of Apple’s iPod continues to drive music buffs to iTunes to download and manage their playlists. On June 28, a new version of the iTunes application was launched that allowed users to download Podcasts, sparking interest from loyal Podcasters and curious “iPodders” alike. also held its “500 Millionth Song” Contest, awarding the person who downloaded the site’s 500 millionth song a grand prize package including 10 iPods and concert tickets. In all, 5.4 million people visited iTunes in July, up 13 percent from June 2005. The growth of iTunes also helped push the Retail – Music category up 7 percent to 30.1 million visitors.

July saw the Top 10 properties remain in the same order as in June. Apple Computer led all computer makers at #32 with 17.438 million unique visitors in July 2005. Dell held 44th position with 14.239 million and Sony Online was at #49 with 13.297 million unique visitors.

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[UPDATE: 9:41am: Added “million” to Sony’s number. Thanks, Metryq.]

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  1. I’ll tell you something about the 500 millionth giveaway.

    The timer on Apple’s website was about three hours behind what it said the actual count was.

    I bought hundreds of songs that day, collected in weeks worth of searching and testing, all to get wasted because Apple fibbed.

    I continuosly refreshed my browser and everything to get the latest acurate count, or so I though.

    I had the exact time EST when the counter stopped and then the announcement of the time the actual song was purchased was at least three hours earlier.

    If I would have know that I would have started my downloading earlier and had a better chance.

    So I’m moaning, ok, but still Apple is better, but at least they didn’t need to be deceptive.

  2. RE: mike

    Are you serious? No way, you can’t be. How about security through security? Apple continually releases security updates (#7 for 2005 was yesterday) and there’s been little or no major breaches for Macs. Get over it.

    Way to go, Apple. I can’t wait for the next announcement about songs sold on iTMS. I know integrated podcasting support will have made a significant impact. I for one haven’t bought a song since podcast support was announced. Bad me.

  3. “I had the exact time EST when the counter stopped and then the announcement of the time the actual song was purchased was at least three hours earlier.”

    Are you sure this wasn’t a difference between Eastern time and Pacific time?

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