The Joy of Tech takes on ‘The Battle of Henrico County’

The Joy of Tech today centers on “The Battle of Henrico County” with the punch line being, “Oh the humanity” (which we believe we slapped online first in our blurb yesterday about the Henrico craziness). Yeah, yeah, we know: hardly original. Damn blimps. Anyway, it’s a funny “Joy of Tech” comic, but where are the wet pants and the tragedy of the lost flip flop?

In addition, today’s JoyPoll: “What’s the strongest evidence to suggest that the people involved in the Henrico County iBook Riot are insane?”

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  1. Comments made last week here foretold the insanity. I hear they have thousands more iBooks to sell later. I wonder if they have figured out that they are not asking enough money. Why are they not selling on ebay to get the best price?

  2. They are selling them in this manner to “Prove” that the iBooks are worthless and barely able to get rid of unless they offer them for next to nothing. This justifies their decision making process.

    They are already embarrased by the response … as one of the administration apple haters said … “I don’t understand why people are so eager to get a computer that is deficient” (paraphrased … see previous posts on macdaily news).

    These guys had a pro pc agenda from the get go and finally won ..
    It’s people like this that make me want to scream … “Wake Up World!”
    MicroSlop is not your Friend!

    I want my MTV … I mean PC … duh, duh,,, yuk yuk yuk

  3. “What’s the strongest evidence to suggest that the people involved in the Henrico County iBook Riot are insane?”

    Not as insane as those who continue to use Windows?

    I’m using Windows right now, so I must be insane (at least not by choice).

  4. I don’t know why they don’t offer the iBooks to the original owners first, then just auction them off in lots. Highest bidder gets preference from 1 to N unit in the lot, then a second bid price for what remains.

    That way, everyone has the opportunity to buy.

    Apple has done this kind of thing for excess inventory in the past. I picked up an Apple 17″ multiscan monitor a looong time ago for short change that way. It’s still workin for a relative’s Mac.

  5. zupchuck, apparently the students were offered the choice of buying their laptops first and these were the surplus.

    I do wonder how they will handle subsequent sell offs if there are any. I think a student with anything at all on the ball will now realize he should buy the laptop and then sell it himself if he doesn’t want it. That should cut the numbers that are put up for sale. Perhaps the 1000 units were mostly the extras they kept on hand for loaners during maintenance though?

    At any rate, I do truly hope the Henrico school board is finally getting an inkling they have made a really bone-headed move by switching to Dulls.

  6. I wonder how many of those in line yesterday planned to sell their purchase on eBay?

    Just testimony to how bad the educational system is getting: First, that the “educators” decided to drop Mac for Windoze, and secondly, that the kids weren’t smart enough to pocket a few hundred easy $$$ on eBay.

    Really, how stupid is that? Have fun flipping burgers for the rest of your lives, kids.

  7. Knowing a little about accounting, and the crazy prices firms sell usable hardware off at, the problem they will have is that somewhere along the line they have had some depreciation calculation that has said the value of these machines is $50, regardless of the market value.

    Firms use this all the time (exagerate the depreciation on goods to offset against something else in the books).

    But of course these machines are defficient – they fail to run 99.9% of all known viruses.

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